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Last month a team of seven GoodSeed staff completed a 19-day ministry trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was a field test, or soft launch of sorts, introducing Worldview Rethink. (What exactly is Worldview Rethink? Here’s a short video (4 mins) explaining it:

The first official workshop for Worldview Rethink was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.







From there it was on to Derby for two more workshops after which the team split up; some went to Leeds while the rest of team travelled to Northern Ireland and Thurles in Ireland for the last two workshops.

The team's trek across UK and Ireland

Approximately 175 people attended the six workshops. There were pastors, church leaders, missionaries, seminary students, teenagers, youth workers, prison ministry volunteers, as well as some brand new believers in Jesus Christ who recently studied one of the GoodSeed tools.

We’ve received some very encouraging comments from attendees:

  • “All of us here who attended the workshop believe it was no accident that you guys came here to teach us. It was clearly of the Lord. This WVRT is the need of the hour. Teach it without reservation.” ~ Mark, Leeds UK.
  • “Thank you for coming here to teach us. I will treasure in my heart your advice, stories, and teaching, as we endeavor to teach others… I haven’t stopped studying the material in the curriculum box. I am excited about the next Bible study!” ~Daniel, Derby UK.
  • “Please thank the guys for taking the time to spend the day teaching us, it really means a lot.You know it`s been a big help in rebuilding the foundations in my Christian life and in turn growing…” ~Suzan, Leeds UK.
  • “I never realized before just how crucial it is to make sure we’re sharing the gospel in a way people can understand. Now I get it and these tools are going to be a huge help in Prison Ministry.” ~Debra, Edinburgh UK.
  • “Most people in my community know nothing about the Bible…these tools will give them a foundation for understanding the Gospel–I think they will really connect with this… The visual aids are great!” ~ Steven, Leeds UK.

We’re also thankful for all the great constructive feedback we received on this trip. Already it’s helping us adjust The Workshop to make the upcoming workshops even more effective. [See below for details on upcoming workshops in North America.]

If you prayed for the team who went on this trip, Thanks! As the Lord prompts, please continue to pray for the attendees who went home from the UK workshops with new sets of Curriculum in hand… that the Lord would give opportunities to lead studies to help their friends clearly understand and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Find out more:

  • How Worldview Rethink resources can help you clearly share the Bible’s message with people in your community. Learn about Worldview Rethink.
  • Where and when the upcoming Worldview Rethink workshops are in North America. Check schedule.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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