Central Asia teams assemble at great risk

Pray for Central Asia

GoodSeed Translation Coordinators report that teams are assembling in Central Asia for translating Bible resources into their own languages. A studio and talent have become available to record the audio books once the translations are completed. A network of workers is already in place and GoodSeed has been invited to conduct seminars for these workers, to introduce them to the tools and how to use them. Clearly the Lord has assembled many crucial members to these teams.

Everyone involved, however, is well aware of the risk. There are many accounts of persecution and martyrdom in this region–even in the last few years. There is strong opposition, and tension is increasing as leaders are working hard to suppress Christianity.

Christian books and audio books have to be smuggled in and countries in this region can limit or not allow Christians to assemble. Those found proselytizing can be imprisoned, or if foreigners, they can be deported.

Families and communities often persecute anyone who follows Christ. Fathers, brothers and uncles have been known to kill family members who convert to Christianity. It is not unusual for believers to flee for their lives to live in other countries.

Still, there are many people who are risking their lives to share Christ, to distribute literature and audio books.

Please join us in prayer as we work to equip them with these tools for sharing the Gospel. If you want to help sponsor one of these translations, please contact [email protected]


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