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Looking to share the Gospel more effectively with your friends and family? Here are several personal evangelism workshops in January and February that you might want to attend:

  • January 19th in Spokane, WA
  • January 26th in Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • February 9th in Edmonton, AB

Find out more about the workshops and how to register.

Central Asia teams assemble at great risk

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Pray for Central Asia

GoodSeed Translation Coordinators report that teams are assembling in Central Asia for translating Bible resources into their own languages. A studio and talent have become available to record the audio books once the translations are completed. A network of workers is already in place and GoodSeed has been invited to conduct seminars for these workers, to introduce them to the tools and how to use them. Clearly the Lord has assembled many crucial members to these teams.

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Reflections from the U.K.

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Bridge over a stream

Last month a team of seven GoodSeed staff completed a 19-day ministry trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was a field test, or soft launch of sorts, introducing Worldview Rethink. (What exactly is Worldview Rethink? Here’s a short video (4 mins) explaining it:

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Share your story

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Sharing you story

One of the things that encourages us to cultivate a lifelong lifestyle of evangelism is to hear stories and testimonies from others who have shared the gospel. It really renews our spirits to hear of someone coming to a good understanding gospel.

Do you have a story of giving away one of GoodSeed’s tools and then seeing someone put their trust in Jesus? Or have you led a GoodSeed course or a study and seen a friend’s eyes light up with understanding? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Please tell us your story or testimony in the comment box below to encourage others to keep on sharing or giving the gospel. By the way, we’re assuming you won’t mind us writing a fuller article based on your story to post on our site. (If not, let us know in your note.)

We thank you!
The GoodSeed team