How are you using your retirement?

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Group Bible Study

In Quebec, two retired professionals decided to lead a course teaching other retirees the main message of the world’s all-time bestseller: the Bible. This was the write-up they had for the course which was advertised in an academy for retirees:

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One Pastor’s Vision

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Worldview Rethink Course

We introduced our Worldview Rethink curriculum during our Open House in August last year. One of our guests was a pastor from a small town in Alberta, Canada. He caught a vision of how the Worldview Rethink curriculum could help his congregation be grounded in the Gospel. He gathered several sets of curriculum and called together a group of men from his church to form a Bible study group. Then he personally taught them through the curriculum.

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What’s good follow-up material for “The Lamb”?

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The Lamb, DVD edition and audio edition

We received a question from a father who had just read The Lamb to his eight-year-old daughter.

I just wanted to thank you for The Lamb. I have recently read it with my eight-year-old over several weeks and during our conversations she came to
 trust on Jesus as her Savior. Love the book. I had a question about any next 
step overview of the Bible-type resources you might have. Thanks.


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From domestic helper to missionary

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Filipino Bible study group

In the tiny city-state of Singapore, there are many foreign nationals who go there to find work. They are employed as domestic helpers, construction workers, service staff and more. For churches in Singapore, they see that the “foreign mission field” has arrived at their doorsteps. These churches organize activities and programs to cater to the needs of these foreign nationals. They also conduct Bible studies and help to explain the gospel. Here is a story from Jessica,* a Bible study leader, who learned that there was more that God could do with these migrant workers.

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Make the gospel story a Christmas tradition

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Christmas bulletin

For many a child, Christmas is the best holiday of the year with Christmas presents, the tree trimmed with decorations and the feasting! They grow up with many happy memories of Christmas. As believers, we especially want our children to remember Christmas as a time when Jesus is the focus. We want to cultivate memories of celebrating God coming to earth to fulfill his promise of a Saviour. We want our children to recognize that Christmas is part of the larger story of the gospel of Jesus.

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Which book do I use?

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"The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" and "By This Name"
“The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” and “By This Name”

We get a number of questions from people each week asking us how to use our tools. We want to share some of the most helpful questions and answers with you.

Hi GoodSeed,

I am beginning a work with a group of First Nations people. Some in this group have expressed interest in doing a study about the Bible. I am going to use either The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus or By This Name but am undecided as to which would be more effective.

The audience will be mixed in age with some Catholic background, but also with some animistic background. I am leaning to using By This Name because of this background and because of the “religious” influence that may be lingering over their beliefs. What do you think? Any feedback is appreciated.


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Give the gospel. Then what?

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Giving a Christmas giftFor the past few Christmases, many people have taken the opportunity to share the Gospel by giving friends, neighbours and co-workers copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? Using “Easy-English,” this fully-illustrated booklet has been a real help in explaining the core message of the Bible to people with absolutely no Bible background.
Praise God for some of the stories we’ve heard of people who have believed the Gospel simply by reading this booklet. One family received it as a gift at a Christmas concert and it had a huge impact on them! (Read more about their story.)

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The Lamb: More than just for children

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The Lamb Picturebook

The Lamb was written with children in mind, to explain the Bible’s central message in a way that young ones can understand. What we’ve seen is that adults have also enjoyed the book tremendously and many have benefited from its simple language and detailed illustrations. Moreover, we’ve heard many stories of how families (parents and children) have discovered the wonderful message of the gospel as they read The Lamb together. Here is one such story:

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“Just Looking” groups

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Just Looking Poster
Poster for the “Just Looking” study that invites anyone to come get a clear understanding of the Bible.

While a team of GoodSeed staff were in the UK conducting Worldview Rethink Workshops, we saw this poster at a church in Derby. The church runs “Just Looking” groups for people interested in exploring the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner. The book that the church uses is The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Using the videos from the Interactive Edition combined with dynamic reading, the leader takes 15 sessions to go through the book and companion workbook. What an easy, non-threatening approach to explain the core message of the Bible to anyone who wishes to understand Christianity better.