MUSA’nın yazılarından başlayarak … now available for download

MUSA’nın yazılarından başlayarak …It’s been in print in Turkey for some time now, but today we are making the Turkish edition of And Beginning with Moses… available as a free PDF download on our website.

And Beginning with Moses… is our primer on sharing the gospel following the example of Jesus on the road to Emmaus. It details the challenges we face in communicating the gospel in today’s culture, including issues like:

  • Syncretism
  • Being too brief
  • Assuming too much of your listener
  • Not covering the essentials of the gospel

The book explores how to communicate a clear gospel:

  • Introducing the four irreducible minimums of the gospel
  • Striving for clarity and understanding
  • Using the architecture of Scripture to convince and bring clarity
  • Teaching key Old Testament stories to provide context and background for understanding the New Testament.

The second half of the book looks into tools that are effective in explaining the gospel. Also included are sections about common blunders made with these tools as well as ideas of how to use them effectively.

To help church leaders, pastors and Bible teachers in Turkey be more effective in sharing the good news, our translation team undertook the work of creating a Turkish edition. We trust that MUSA’nın yazılarından başlayarak …  will help Turkish believers share the gospel more effectively.

If you have know of a fellow believer who is fluent in Turkish, he or she may benefit from reading this book. Invite him or her to download the book today.

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