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QR Code CardsWe love to hear from believers who are serious about sharing the gospel message. We get encouraged when they explain how they are sharing the good news with the people in their communities. The other day, Laura* called our office to ask for help.

I talk to lots of young people all the time. I ask them if they know much about the Bible. Many don’t. I ask if they are interested in learning about the Bible. Some of them are curious! But I don’t always have a book on hand that I can give to them. I wonder if you can help me make one of those code squares, the kind they zap with their smartphones and it opens a website.

We realized she was referring to QR codes, those pixelated squares you see on the sides of product boxes or in magazines. Laura said she wanted to make business cards with a QR code on them, and hand them out to youths who were interested. They would take a card, zap it with their smartphones, and be brought to our Tool Selector page. On that page, they can answer the questions to find out which book, DVD or audiobook will best help them learn the gospel message.

What a great idea! We generated the QR code and emailed it to her. Then we thought, what if we took it one step further and created a QR code that, when zapped, would lead an interested person to our “Learn about the Bible” video course? They could watch the video series to gain a clear understanding of the Bible’s core message: the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyone could use that QR code to create their own cards and give them out to those who were interested.

So here’s a QR code for the “Learn about the Bible” video course. Why not be a Laura: create your own cards, then engage with the people in your life and invite them to zap the code and take a journey through the Bible from creation to the cross.

(Let us know how it turns out in the comments below!)

GoodSeed QR Code for Learn about the Bible video course
Click to see the full size version. Download and save to your desktop.


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