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TERM Seminar

When it comes to sharing the gospel, many of us are unsure of what to say or whether we should even try at all. Some of us quote John 3:16 or pass out gospel tracts. We appeal to the fact that God has a wonderful plan for a person’s life. But in recent years our efforts have often been met with blank stares or harsh criticism. As to those who do confess Christ, it seems many fall by the wayside or show no fruit of understanding in their lives. Some believers secretly wonder about the power of the gospel and whether it even works.

The GoodSeed TERM™ Seminar is a time to stop and rethink evangelism in the context of our diverse, ever-changing world. The seminar takes participants into Scripture to see what it has to say about evangelism methodology. In the process there springs to light an approach that Jesus used on the road to Emmaus. The architecture of The Emmaus Road Message (TERM) has proven effective—whether we are engaging the confused, the seeker or the hardened.

The revised TERM Seminar is comprised of five modules.

TERM Modules A-E
Module A: Evangelism Rethink
Do we face barriers within ourselves? Are we fearful? Uncertain? Do we lack knowledge? What other obstacles are there?

  • Diversity—people who hold to a different religion or worldview
  • Ignorance—people who are biblically illiterate
  • Confusion—those who are syncretized, mixing spiritual truth with error
  • Resistance—people hardened against the gospel
  • Believers—yet not clear about the message

What does the Bible say about these challenges? In this module we investigate the biblical solutions and find direction from Scripture.


Module B: Lifestyle Rethink – The Written Letter
Take a journey with us through The Emmaus Road Message—a lesson on teaching as Jesus taught. In so doing we discuss the importance of clarity in presenting a message.

We demonstrate, “tried and tested” ways of getting started in sharing the written Word.


Module C: Lifestyle Rethink – The Living Letter
We begin with the importance of having a Christ-like testimony in evangelism.

Then we address concerns believers have when presenting the gospel, such as personally not knowing the Bible, not being able to explain things, or coming across as preachy.

We share practical solutions, so that any believer can communicate the gospel in way that is engaging, accurate and without arm-twisting.


Module D: Worldview Rethink
It is a basic concept of learning that “as you are taught, so you will teach.” In this module the realities of guiding a course are modelled as you experience the Worldview Rethink curriculum for yourself. This is a time where more is “caught than taught.”


Module E: Outreach Rethink
This module highlights how you can effectively guide others through a Bible study course using specialized tools that include visual aids, guidebooks, and video.

You will learn strategic ideas from real-life examples for sharing the gospel either as a personal or church-based initiative. The module will address ways you can train others in becoming effective ambassadors for Christ.

Liverpool, UK
Modules A and B only
Mar 1, 2014
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Carlow, Ireland
Modules A and B only
Mar 3 and 4, 2014
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Olds, Alberta, Canada
Apr 3-5, 2014
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Alumni rates and group rates are available for the Canada TERM Seminar. Please contact [email protected].


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