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The Lamb - Chinese Edition

(Editor’s note: We get emails every week from people all around the world. We received the following from Cynthia*, which we want to share with you because it reflects our desire to see people have access to the gospel message in a language that they can understand.)

Dear GoodSeed,

Christmas Day my husband and I had two Chinese couples to our home to dinner. Yinghan* and Mingxia* are our neighbors. Victor* and Liza* have been attending our church. Both of the husbands are engineers. Neither couple had EVER celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day in an American home.

After dinner we gave each couple the Mandarin version of The Lamb.

It will delight you to know when Yinghan and his wife, Mingxia, opened The Lamb, Yinghan commented, “I have trouble understanding the Bible, but THIS I can understand!” He seemed sincere, not insulted by its simplicity (i.e., he never asked, “Why are you giving me a children’s book?”). They were both moved by the incredible beauty of the illustrations as well.

The other couple, Victor and Liza, are here from China for a short period. They too LOVE the book. Victor saw the English version displayed in our home and he and Liza are overjoyed to have their own copy in Mandarin to read [for] themselves and to read to their young son. We also gave a copy to Liza to take to her parents who are visiting them from China.

Thank you SO MUCH for your fine work and low prices! You produce such classy products. Keep up the wonderful work. Your company is a huge blessing to me and many others I’m sure!

May the LORD bless your ministry!

Sincerely in Christ,


P.S. We received a follow up email from Cynthia. She informed us that Victor is now attending a weekly discipleship group at her church and Mingxia is going to attend a women’s Bible study that starts at the end of January. Praise the Lord for his work in their lives.


(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)



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