Who shares Bible verses at a soccer match?!

Soccer match
(Editor’s note: Over Christmas, we received a very encouraging testimony that reminded us of three things: 1) the power of God to transform lives, 2) the effectiveness of the prayers of friends and family, and 3) the fruit resulting from a lifelong lifestyle of sharing the gospel.)

During a Christmas Eve service last year, Stephen* shared how he had been turned off by Christianity when he was 17. While watching a soccer match at a stadium, someone invited him to read aloud some Bible verses. That immediately put him off anything to do with Christianity.

Over the years, whatever Stephen learned about the Bible was gleaned from TV documentaries. It didn’t make sense to him. Then, Mabel*, a friend of his wife, invited both of them to attend a “By This Name” course. Stephen wasn’t interested but his wife insisted on him accompanying her. Unknown to him at the time, Mabel and his wife had been praying very hard for Stephen to attend the course.

He eventually agreed – just to placate his wife. He went to the first class, expecting to be bored but, from the very first page of the book, he was intrigued. After each Friday night class, Stephen and his wife had coffee with Mabel to discuss what had been taught in class. He began to look forward to each Friday’s session.

By the end of the course, Stephen said, “The jigsaw pieces fell into place!” The Holy Spirit had impressed on his heart the truth of what he had been learning. After so many years of being indifferent to his wife’s faith, Stephen didn’t know how to tell her he had become a believer. Hesitantly, he asked her, “What’s it like to attend a church service?”

She shot him a look and asked why he wanted to know. That’s when he admitted he was now a believer and wanted to be part of a community of believers. He said, “I’ve finally found peace with God.”

Today, both Stephen and his wife are active members of their church and helping to lead others through the gospel message.

Praise the Lord for Stephen’s amazing testimony and for his wife’s prayers for him. And let’s not forget Mabel, who has been faithfully inviting friends to classes so that they could understand the gospel message for themselves.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)



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