In-ká-hai captured the minds of my children

In-ká-hai: How Sweet it Is!

We recently received a very encouraging note from a gentleman who read In-ká-hai: How Sweet It Is! to his children as part of their family devotions. He wrote:

Our family has really enjoyed reading In-ká-hai! I have read it to the family, one chapter at each sitting. We finished the epilogue tonight and we will go through the study questions the remainder of this week.

It is a wonderful book that has captured the minds of my children. You can ask them a Manjúi word like “noki-wota” and they will tell you that the word means “honey.” Or “in-ka-hai” means “how sweet it is.” Pretty cool, eh?

I am considering doing a book review at church to give others the idea of using it for family devotions. Thank you for the book! — Howard*


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