Mommy, I understand!


(Editor’s note: An understood gospel is a powerful gospel. It saves lives! We have heard many stories of children coming to put their trust in Jesus for salvation, but this was a special one.)

Jill* told us of her friend, Suzanne*, who had an autistic son. Suzanne despaired over how she could share the gospel with him. After thinking about it, Jill told her, “I think I have just the book for you.”

She passed Suzanne a copy of The Lamb. Excited, Suzanne read the story slowly to her son and she used the included audiobook CD to reinforce what was taught.

A few weeks later, Suzanne spoke to Jill. “Thank you, Jill! It worked. The Lamb book worked. My son understands the gospel and he believes in Jesus!” Suzanne knew that her son understood because he could answer the questions at the end of each chapter. She related that the careful pacing, the repetition of key concepts, the detailed illustrations and the audiobook CD helped her son to put his trust in Jesus as his substitute lamb—his Saviour.

[*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.]



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