“I wish you could have seen her face light up!”

Kellee, GoodSeed USA staff member, used going to ride roller coasters with her kids this summer as an opportunity for them to share the gospel. She writes:

Will Rogers, Oklahoma’s Favorite Son, was famously quoted as saying, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” My daughter Kora, showing her Oklahoma roots (now transplanted in Idaho by way of Thailand), would say the same thing about everyone she meets. This summer, we got season passes to the local theme park.  We love spending our days in the sunshine, soaking up every last ray we can before our short Idaho summer ends. And in every line, at each attraction, even in the bathroom, Kora makes friends.  It’s always fun to meet someone new! 

When GoodSeed released the give-away cards for the children’s book, “The Lamb”, I snatched some up and let Kora know I was carrying some in my bag. I told her that she could give them to the friends she makes.  As a mom, it has been a blessing to see her share the gospel, even at 5 years old.  One night, we were in the line for a ride, and Kora made fast friends with another little girl. She even ditched her brother, Kees, so they could ride together. While they were on the ride, I introduced myself to the girl’s uncle and chatted a little bit about what they’d been doing on their vacation. When the girls got off the ride, they walked over holding hands, and Kora gave her a card. I wish you could have seen her face light up!  She kept saying, “Look, my new friend gave me this!”   

The park was closing soon so we went our separate ways, the day of fun at an end. I doubt we’ll ever see this family again, and I don’t know if they’ll download or read the book, but I do know that God is faithful, and I trust He is working behind the scenes in ways I don’t know.  Each card we hand out, is another person we can pray for, another seed that is planted. We pray that God will use our efforts and multiply them! 


May we each have courage like Kora to share the life-changing message of the gospel with those we meet. Pray for opportunities, stock up on these evangelism aids, and trust God for good things to come! http://us.goodseed.com/the-lamb-business-card-pack-of-25/ 



A getaway that led to an opportunity

This story comes from Tom, one of our GoodSeed USA staff members. He writes about making a connection with a passenger on a recent flight.

My wife and I recently made a trip to New Zealand to celebrate our anniversary. On our return flight to Australia, I found myself sitting next to a young man from Oman. We politely started plane conversation. You know how it goes: “Where are you going? For work or pleasure?” I discovered he was heading back to Sydney to return to university.  I remarked that I had just done some teaching in several churches around the Sydney area. He proceeded to let me know that he was Muslim. I was in prayer during this time and asking God how to guide this conversation for further spiritual benefit. Thankfully I was prepared. I had brought along a business card with a free link to the eBook for All that the Prophets have Spoken. I respectfully handed him the card, saying that it tells of the prophets of old and that he may want to know more about what they had said. I told him it is even written in Arabic, a language he also spoke. He took the card and held it between his hands for the rest of the trip. We parted ways at the end of the flight, but my prayers went with him. I pray that he would read and grasp the message of the book, that of the centricity of Jesus Christ in the Bible and all of history, and that he would in turn embrace the God of peace.

Step up to the challenge to share the gospel on planes or wherever God has you, and share with us a story of your own. Get equipped with GoodSeed business cards here : us.goodseed.com/new-release

A small step of faith at a local dump

Scott, one of our GoodSeed USA staff, recently had the opportunity to share some of our new free By This Name e-book cards. He writes:

I love going to the local dump. There’s no better feeling than driving home with an empty pickup truck!

Early last Saturday morning, with hot coffee in hand, I headed across town and pulled up onto the entry weigh scale where a smiling booth attendant, whose name tag read “MARGE,” greeted me.

“Good morning! What do you have for me today?” She asked. I described the nature of my debris, as she noted the weight of my full truck, and handed me a pink laminated card.

“Trade you?” I asked, while offering her a business card with a link to download a free copy of By This Name.

“What’s this?!” She asked, still smiling, as she looked over the card.

“It’s just a little something for you,” I answered, “With it, you can download a free eBook that explains the message of the Bible in a way that makes a lot of sense. I’ve read it myself, and I really enjoyed it–I hope you do too!”

“Why thank you!” Marge said. And off I went.

Once my truck was empty and swept, I drove onto the exit weigh scale. Another attendant whose name tag read, “TONY,” extended his hand to receive the pink card Marge had given me. I gave it to him, along with another free eBook business card.

As I drove home, I thought, “Who knew something so mundane as going to the dump would give me a chance to invite people to journey through the Scriptures?”

I prayed for Marge and Tony, asking God to prompt them to get the book. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will bring new realizations about God’s holiness, sin’s devastation, Jesus’s amazing provision, and how trust in God changes everything.

Sharing the gospel in everyday life is always going to take a step of faith. These little business cards are a big help. Order yours HERE: us.goodseed.com/new-release

“I’m keeping my mom-bag packed with the good news!” 

Opportunities abound to share the gospel when we take the time to talk to the people we meet in public places. The Holy Spirit works through us to reach others with the message of salvation through Christ. Kellee, a GoodSeed missionary, writes: 

“Last week I took my kids to a play area, and I struck up a conversation with another mom who was there with her children.  As we chatted, she was reading to her younger daughter and mentioned how much her daughter loves books.  I took this opportunity to give her a card with a free ebook download for “The Lamb”.  It’s a children’s book that walks you through the Bible, and gives a great explanation of the gospel. I’d been praying that God would provide a chance for me to share, and was thankful I got the chance! 

It’s easy to doubt yourself, but even if our presentation isn’t so smooth, we can trust that God is going to work far beyond our meager offerings.  I’ve decided not to let my idea of perfection interfere with my willingness to share the gospel.  So, I’m keeping my mom-bag packed with the good news!” 

This resource is available now at: http://us.goodseed.com/new-release/  

Coming soon to our other stores. 

Get equipped to share the gospel around your town!

Rideshare the Gospel

At GoodSeed, we believe God transforms lives as people understand the gospel. Our aim is to get a clear presentation of the gospel into the hands of as many people as we can. One of our missionaries, Doug, just had this opportunity. He writes:

“I recently started driving in the evenings to earn extra money for our family. The other night I was chatting with one of my passengers, and he was telling me all about a new business venture he was a part of. As he was getting out of the car, he gave me his business card. When he handed it to me, I offered him a card in return, one that has a download for a free eBook, “By This Name.” This book presents who Jesus is and what He accomplished as the central figure of the entire Bible. The rider was really excited to download the book and was happy that I’d given the card to him. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will use this resource to bring him to a clearer understanding of the gospel and with it salvation and a changed life.”

These free eBook cards will be available for all of our main resources including: The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, All that the Prophets have Spoken, The Lamb, The Story that Matters, and What are Christmas & Easter All About. Coming soon to our US and Canada stores:  US(us.goodseed.com) Canada (ca.goodseed.com)

Join with us in handing these out to those the Lord brings into your life and expect great things!

Going Deeper: No Longer a Stranger! Part Three

In our preceding article, we talked about how there can be no greater motivation for believers to live out their new lives in Christ as a BIG THANK YOU than to have a growing understanding of the grace of God. That is certainly the experience described in Scripture on more than one occasion.

Remember the immoral woman who came to Jesus quite unexpectedly in the home of a Pharisee (Luke 7:36-50)? Braving probable scorn and ridicule, she came to express her love and gratitude for what she had experienced of the grace of God in her life—forgiveness. She was well aware of how undeserving she was but nevertheless God had forgiven her and for this she was supremely thankful.

Rather than drawing back in disdain from this woman with the tarnished reputation, Jesus expressed what was at the heart of her outpouring of emotion: she loved much because she had been forgiven much.

“I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.” (Luke 7:47 NLT)

Possibly a prostitute, this woman recognized how needy, how undeserving she was of Christ’s forgiveness. In fact, she was conscious of her abject spiritual poverty—totally incapable of doing anything to merit God’s forgiveness. Yet, the Bible assures us that…

He [God] does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. (Psalm 103:10 NIV)

That’s grace—undeserved!

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Video: Babel and religion

Babel. When we hear the word, most of us think of a tall tower or confusion of languages. But just what was going on at Babel? Was it just a large-scale building project? As this clip from By This Name reveals, it was actually an example of man’s religious efforts to please God.

“The issue at stake wasn’t about following a religion. Rather, it was about trusting a person–the LORD himself. It was not how hard one worked to win God’s favour, but whether someone trusted the LORD as one would trust a friend. It wasn’t about manipulating God to get your way, but having a personal friendship with the Creator of the universe. Trust was the issue.”

By This Name, Page 113

By This Name has a video component consisting of 66 clips in which author John R. Cross teaches key concepts during the chronological journey through the Bible. These short video clips include visual aids (like the Tabernacle, Passover, altar, etc.) to help bring clarity to the story. They also take the viewers to key sites in Israel, Egypt and Jordan to provide historical and geographical context. We present a selection of these video clips. All of them are included with By This Name, either on DVD or accessible online.