The Captive and the King's Will

Perhaps you’ve journeyed with a friend as they travelled from spiritual death to spiritual life. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What’s next?”


Following the life of Simon Peter, The Captive and the King’s Will guides the new believer into the next steps of what it means to follow Christ. Assuming the reader has little or no previous exposure to church or Christianity, The Captive endeavours to touch on key sanctificational truths, grounding believers in their new-found faith as they pursue a walk with the Lord.


This book builds on previous books written by John R. Cross. It is truly a sequel - the next step - in learning about God and the Bible. The focus of this book in the identity of the Holy Spirit and his work in the life of a Bible believer.

Appropriate for these audiences:

  • Targeted to new believers with little or no church background.
  • Personal reading and reflection
  • Small groups
  • Christian schools
  • Bible colleges and seminaries (pastoral, missions, evangelism)
  • Sunday school
  • Written for teens and adults


Basic assumptions for the reader: This book assumes the reader has been taught the content of either The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, By This Name or All that the Prophets have Spoken and has put his or her faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. No assumptions are made of any other exposure to Christianity.

Narrative approach:  Key sanctificational truths are covered through the life of Peter. The Captive teaches through every text related to the life of Peter, including the entirety of both 1 and 2 Peter.

Focuses on key sanctificational truths: This book is not exhaustive in its approach to sanctification. Instead, the author seeks to layer down understanding of foundational truths to establish and deepen a believer’s walk with Christ.

Bible verses: Seven-hundred and sixty-five verses are covered in the narrative. The reader engages directly with the text of the Bible.

Illustrations:  Over 50 drawings, maps and diagrams help explain the story.



The Captive and the King's Will

288 pages.



“I’m confident this book will be a resource that new believers and older believers...

will not only read once, but return to again and again.”  SH

"What makes this book so good is [it builds on] the foundations taught in the last book. It is the natural progression." CP

We have been able to meet twice a week and have read one chapter at each session. About 45 minutes to an hour or a little more each time.

... all of these folks are mature believers and all have been impacted. It has been a blessing and any eye-opener to see the ministry of the Holy Spirit presented, not as dry doctrine, but tied to the lives of so many people--stories.  GW

I am confident that God will use this book to establish many believers, new and old, in their walk with their Savior. PB

…once again I must say that I think it is a valuable discipleship tool. JC

… it presents the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, and covers critical positional truths, which are embedded in the biblical narrative. PB

I think this is a valuable tool. …  [my student] has shown a real surge of interest in reading his Bible through from the beginning since we began this study.  JC

Some of the feasts we had not paid much attention to before. So that part was really helpful! We are in awe of God! There were quite a few “WOWS” noted by the good Bible teachers in the group. (About the feasts.) We all really like the charts that contrast material. PW





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