How do I teach about death using a branch?

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Like every other country in the world, Togo, West Africa, desperately needs to hear a clear Gospel. 70% are animist, 10% Muslim, and 20% “Christian”. Confusion abounds even among many who call themselves Christians. Many have given their businesses names like “Jesus Loves You Pizzeria,” “Thanks to God Bar,” “Jesus Saves Grocery,” yet relatively few have a clear understanding of the Gospel.

In the summers of 2003 and 2004, some of us were privileged to hold several TERM seminars for Christians in Togo. We taught through the French version of All that the Prophets have Spoken. The seminars included teaching the believers how to use simple, indigenous visual aids—which serve to grab and hold people’s attention, as well as strengthen their understanding and retention of God’s story and message.

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TERM Seminar in Turkey: Teaching as they had been taught

All that the Prophets have Spoken in Turkish
An important component of GoodSeed’s ministry is training. Our staff make trips to places around the globe to conduct our TERM Seminars. A year ago, we held a seminar in Turkey, where among the participants were a pastor and his wife.

The pastor’s wife was very studious. She wrote copious notes in the margins of her copy of the Turkish edition of All that the Prophets have Spoken. In fact, she probably took more notes than anyone else during the course!

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Me no English!

All that the Prophets have Spoken (Arabic)

Editor’s note: In a world where migration is the norm, our ears may hear the sounds of a foreign language just down the street. Are we prepared to share the gospel in another language right in our neighbourhood? Here is one man’s story of how he did it.

During Easter, Jason* went for a walk around his neighbourhood. It wasn’t a casual stroll, however. Jason carried a bag loaded with tools that explained the gospel. He was on a journey to offer people in his community a chance to examine the Bible and learn its message.

At one house, he rang the bell and a lady answered the door. He smiled warmly at her but she studied him with narrowed eyes.

“Me no English,” she muttered.

“Oh,” said Jason. “What language do you speak?”


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I want the God that you preach to free me

French All that the Prophets have SpokenThrough connections that our ministry has with other organizations, we were able to send a quantity of All that the Prophets have Spoken in French to Africa. The books eventually made their way into the Congo and ended in the hands of a pastor who was involved in prisons’ ministry.

He led a Bible study in French with the inmates of a local prison. Each Sunday, an average of 44 prisoners gathered and the pastor taught through All that the Prophets have Spoken. These men, hearing the Good News were riveted.

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They didn’t waste a moment

Term Seminar
Leading a TERM Seminar. (GoodSeed File photo.)

Recently, a GoodSeed team travelled to a country that is hostile to the Bible. There, they conducted a TERM Seminar. The participants were pastors and believers who had a desire to share the Good News with others. As they were taught step-by-step, the participants caught on very quickly on how they could teach as they were taught. Here are some quick testimonies from the participants.

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Across the desert

Voice of the Martyrs March 2013

We work hard to make tools that present a clear gospel and we work doubly hard to make translations that will help people all over the world. So when we came across this magazine cover of “The Voice of the Martyrs”, we could only stop to marvel and thank the Lord for taking our tools across the world. Here’s a quote from the article:

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Do Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 speak of Satan?

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Books covered:
The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus: Chapter Four, Section 1 “I Will”
All that the Prophets have Spoken: Chapter Four, Section 1 “I Will”
By This Name: Chapter Four, Section 1, “Two Ways”

Do these passages speak of Satan?
In a day and age when the Scriptures are often mangled and twisted out of context it is important that we know why we teach what we do concerning Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. We do not want to allegorize or read a deeper meaning into a passage unless the passage is clearly intended to be understood that way by the original author. We also recognize that some Bible scholars would take a different viewpoint on these passages and this is reflected in some study Bible notations.

In writing The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, the goal was to get down to the basics without being sidetracked on some of the exegetical challenges that exist. There are certain parts of Scripture that are harder to interpret and we would put Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 into that category.

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