TERM Seminar in Turkey: Teaching as they had been taught

All that the Prophets have Spoken in Turkish
An important component of GoodSeed’s ministry is training. Our staff make trips to places around the globe to conduct our TERM Seminars. A year ago, we held a seminar in Turkey, where among the participants were a pastor and his wife.

The pastor’s wife was very studious. She wrote copious notes in the margins of her copy of the Turkish edition of All that the Prophets have Spoken. In fact, she probably took more notes than anyone else during the course!

At the end of the seminar, she really wanted her own set of the visual aids that our team had used. She was too shy to ask for them but she became overjoyed when she learned that our staff would leave the visual aid sets for her husband and her to use. Before too long, we received word that her husband had started a men’s group while she had started a women’s group. Both of them were teaching as they had been taught.

The curriculum team had spent many, many hours developing the material in such a way that the teaching was transferrable. When you attend a TERM Seminar, not only will you gain a renewed confidence in the power of the gospel, you will also learn how to teach it. There’s no need to have years of training. All you need is a willing heart. We’re encouraged to see the participants in Turkey become enthusiastic about guiding friends and family through a course. We’re glad they have found our tools useful.


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