“In-ká-hai” in the making

Making In-ká-hai
A number of years ago our intern, Chantal, was tasked with taking the Manjúi experience and crafting it into a story. The intent was not just to share a powerful testimony of frontline missionary work but to make a link between a tribal group and our friends and neighbours who live in a modern, urban setting. The lack of Bible knowledge among the Manjúi is echoed in our friends—their Bible illiteracy makes it hard for them to understand who Jesus is and what happened on the cross. There is so much we can learn from how the Bible teachers taught the Manjúi. That’s the essence of the book.

In the photo, the manuscript of “In-ká-hai” is laid out on two long tables on the right. Chantal is seated at her desk. John Cross and the Humphreys (who are featured in the book) are huddled together, going through the draft and making corrections.

“In-ká-hai” will be available Sep 23 on our web stores.

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