Looking for curriculum for small groups? Here are three suggestions

If you are starting a new season of small group meetings and are looking for a possible curriculum to use, here are three that you can consider.

1. Worldview Rethink with By This Name

DESCRIPTION: What is the main message of the Bible? Who is Jesus? What are the cross and the tomb all about? How is the Old Testament relevant to our understanding of the New Testament? This study takes you on a journey from creation to the cross to explain the core message of the Bible.

AUDIENCE: For people who want a solid biblical foundation, including those who want to learn or be refreshed in the message of the gospel.

TIME NEEDED: 16 hours (e.g., 8 sessions of 2 hours each)

RESOURCES: Leader’s guide, coursebook, workbook, DVD or online videos, visual aids

FORMAT OF STUDY: Dynamic reading. Leaders read the course book narrative. Group reads the Scripture verses. Reading is interspersed with video clips and visual aids. The group also uses the workbook together. Learn more about Dynamic Reading-Leading-Modelling.

REVIEW: “This book and the DVD series and workbook that accompany it are by far the best, most clearly stated overview of the Bible I’ve seen. It is an excellent foundational base that can be used with new Christians, mature Christians, and non-Christians. I used it to start a neighbourhood ladies’ Bible study with ladies from several different faiths. It was so well-received that once we finished it, we were then able to start studying one of the books of the Bible (Mark). I highly recommend this for use by an individual, small group, or large group, or anyone seeking to understand the Bible as a whole.” – Melissa


ikh-6pack2. In-ká-hai: How Sweet It Is!

DESCRIPTION: Read the true-life story of how Pete and Leah Humphreys presented the gospel to the Manjúi people, overcoming misunderstanding, syncretism and a veneer of Christianity. Using a six-session study guide, see how the lessons learned by the Humphreys are applicable to all believers everywhere.

AUDIENCE: For people keen on learning more about discipleship, spiritual growth, evangelism and missions. Also for people who enjoy learning through stories.

TIME NEEDED: 8 sessions

RESOURCES: Course book

FORMAT OF STUDY: For the first two sessions, the group will read the story together. The next six lessons follow the study guide which includes discussion questions, Scripture reading, exercises and application. (Discussion questions come with answers).

REVIEWS: “I read the book! And I now see the problem of syncretism. It’s a problem we have all around us!” – Michael

(Read more to find out how Michael’s view of evangelism changed after reading In-ká-hai.)


wvrt-tabernaclekit-model-0600073. Hebrew Tabernacle – A Model of Messiah

DESCRIPTION: Just as Jesus used parables to illustrate and bring to life his teachings, so God frequently used visual aids in the Old Testament to better illuminate our understanding of many spiritual truths. Study the Hebrew Tabernacle to see how it is a visual aid that foreshadows and sheds light on the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

AUDIENCE: For those interested in a succinct but meaningful study of the Tabernacle.

TIME NEEDED: 11 sessions

RESOURCES: PDF eBook, optional Tabernacle Model Kit which groups can put together while learning about the different pieces of the Tabernacle, and optional Tabernacle Furniture Set.

FORMAT OF STUDY: Each of the 11 lessons come with Scripture reading and discussion questions (with answers provided). The leader simply follows the lesson guide.



Regardless of which study you eventually use, our prayer is that you and your group might grow deeper in understanding and love of our awesome God.

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