Twelve most-read blog posts from 2015


Each of the stories that come through GoodSeed is unique and we enjoy sharing them with our blog readers. This past year was no exception. We thought it would be fun to look back at some of the highlights—those posts which were most popular and widely read. So, with no further ado, here are twelve of the favourite blog posts from 2015:

12. Five ways to engage teenagers with Worldview Rethink
Have you ever wondered how to use GoodSeed resources in a Sunday school setting? Or perhaps you have the opportunity to lead a youth Bible study and are looking for ideas. This post details one couple’s experience in leading a youth Sunday school class and what they learned in the process Read what they did »

11. He was contemplating suicide that very morning
On the surface, Conner was a hard and angry young man, who terrorized his older brother Reuben for his Christian faith. But deep down, the teenager was desperate for hope. Learn how Reuben’s testimony and copy of The Stranger changed Conner’s life. Read more »

10. Just throw me down the stairs
All Candice wanted to do was escape from the meaningless drudgery of her work and life. When her friend Renee reached out to her with the gospel, Candice was cautious and reticent. Jesus Christ meant nothing to her. But Renee made an effort to help Candice understand the life and hope that Jesus brings. Learn what Renee did »

9. Preacher, can you help me?
A drunk driver out of control. A pastor’s family quietly heading home from church. When the inevitable happened, the impact went far deeper than two wrecked vehicles. It ended up opening the way for God to redeem a ruined life and catch the attention of a community. Read what the pastor did »

8. The filthy rags of the Tugutil
In the jungles of East Indonesia, the Tugutil people learn about the revolting nature of sin through a vivid visual aid. Learn how a missionary illustrated our separation from a holy God with unexpected help from one of the tribesmen. Read more »

7. Connecting the dots
Just what does it take to make a GoodSeed translation? It is by no means a simple process, instead involving people all over the world putting in a lot of time and work. But the rewards are so worth it. Take a peek into boots-on-the-ground translation coordination. Learn about the translation process »

6. Only God is able to penetrate the minds of the young and old
How can we share the gospel with an elderly person, especially one who suffers from dementia or a similar condition? Is it even possible for them to understand? The answer is a resounding yes, as this story reveals Read more »

5. The architecture of “The Story that Matters”
If you only had less than an hour to explain the gospel to someone who has never read the Bible before, where would you start? Or if you had only a few moments with someone, what resource could you give to them? The Story that Matters could very likely be the answer. Learn more about the booklet »

4. A scene straight out of the book of Acts
In one German city, the results after fifteen weeks of systematically walking through The Stranger were both precious and exciting. See how the fourteen participants respond to learning the message of the Bible Read more »

3. How do I use visual aids to teach the Tabernacle to children?
The tabernacle of Moses can be a difficult subject to teach, especially to children. Pam discovered that it is not only possible to explain the meaning of this seemingly obsolete structure, but that it is also enjoyable, effective and important. Read about what she learned »

2. Six ways to share the gospel during the Christmas season
The holidays are a natural opportunity to spread the good news of the gospel. Here are six ways you can simply and effectively explain the true “reason for the season” with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours Read more »

1. That doesn’t make you a Christian
Have you ever spoken “Christianese”? You know, all those idioms and vocabulary we as Christians use without even thinking. We often do not recognize that when we are evangelizing, our “religious jargon” can hinder understanding in those who hear us. This story illustrates the importance and power of clarity when we walk someone through the gospel. Read more »

And that’s the list. Did you have any blog posts you liked that aren’t on the list? Leave us a comment below.

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