Can you help? Journey with us to complete “No Ordinary Story”

No Ordinary Story dress rehearsalWe’ve been working hard on a musical that shares the message of the gospel. Some of you have heard songs from it. Others are joining us for the first public performance.

We invite you to journey with us in prayer and support as we move into our next phase of production.

When completed, this 90-minute musical will be released in two formats:

  1. A musical drama package enabling any church or group to stage a live performance.
  2. A full audio drama and music CD that people can enjoy on their own.

The vision for No Ordinary Story

Churches and ministries in many parts of the world often use music and performances as evangelistic tools at outreach events where a wide spectrum of people attend. The audiences include unbelievers who know nothing about the Bible, people who have some knowledge, and believers with a good understanding of Scripture. For some, such an event may be the only opportunity they’ll have to hear a clear explanation of the gospel.

GoodSeed has taken that most precious message—the gospel—and set it to music in a powerful presentation of story and song in No Ordinary Story.

This project is a music-based gospel presentation using the very same creation-to-the-cross architecture that many have found so beneficial. It is our intent, hope and prayer that the audience would come to a clear understanding of the gospel. It is also our prayer that the musical will prompt in believers a refreshing sense of thankfulness to God and give them a desire to pass on the good news to others.

At this stage, we have full choral scores and a script for the actors. We also have lyric PowerPoints, posters, flyers and related materials. To complete the package, we are looking to produce:

  1. the accompaniment CD (for performances with no live music)
  2. the music CD (featuring the songs sung by choir and soloists)
  3. the rehearsal CD (in SATB parts for the choir to learn from)
  4. the full audio drama and music CD (for people to listen to the whole performance)

We are seeking believers who will help us complete this project. These believers need to share our vision for the musical and have the necessary skills and expertise. While we have been raising support to fund the project, we are also seeking those who would be happy to volunteer and donate their expertise, time and facilities.

Specifically, we need:

  1. a producer
  2. a sound engineer
  3. musicians (pianist, drummer, guitarist, violinist, keyboardist)
  4. choir and soloists
  5. voice actors
  6. recording studio

Aside from producing the package and CDs, we are inviting churches and groups to stage the musical and provide us with valuable feedback.

If you are interested to find out more or if you think you would like to help in any of the above ways, please contact our production team at 1-403-556-9955 or[at]

We value your prayer partnership in this. Thank you for journeying with us on this project.

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