Worldview Rethink: Tools to help you share the biblical worldview

Worldview Rethink curriculum

In the past, whenever we’ve conducted TERM Seminars, we use various teaching aids to help participants engage with God’s Word so that they understand clearly the message of the gospel.

We employ tools like visual aids and workbooks. We also get participants to read the Scripture portions, underline key points and watch the interactive video clips that provide supplementary information.

After each seminar, the top questions invariably are: “Can I get those notes you have so I can teach the way you do?” and “Where can I get those visual aids to help me teach?”

These questions gave rise to the Worldview Rethink curriculum. We distilled the best of our teaching experience, video clips, visual aids and other resources into the curriculum box and visual aid toolboxes.

Just as our books address people of different worldviews, the Worldview Rethink resources do the same by taking each of our core books and expanding it into a curriculum. We began with The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, for those from a Christianized worldview, and we have just released curriculum based on All that the Prophets have Spoken for students who are from an islamic background. And available soon will be the curriculum based on By This Name. This will be our most robust curriculum as it covers the largest spectrum of worldviews. It is especially helpful in addressing questions from an increasingly growing segment of people with an Eastern, new age or atheist worldview.

Take a moment to think about the people in your life. Have you wanted to share the gospel with any of them but were not sure how? Then take a look at our Getting Started guide for Worldview Rethink for some ideas. It will help you think through how you can guide your friend through the gospel message. Many people have shared with us that when they are prepared, the Lord tends to nudge interested people towards them. Read Marie’s story for example.

So take a moment to acquaint yourself with Worldview Rethink and read more stories of others who have used the curriculum.

And pray earnestly that the Lord will bring to you those among your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours who want to learn what the Bible is all about.

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