Lord, where would you have me use these tools?

Praying handsThe warm spring sunshine lit the windows of the church fellowship hall. Nestled among a group of 50 or more TERM Seminar participants, Marie* felt a growing sense of anticipation. She had spent three days learning how to share the gospel, concluding with hands-on experience in guiding a course. Now, she had been won over by how simple it was to use the Worldview Rethink curriculum to lead someone through a clear presentation of the gospel message. Along with her fellow participants, Marie had been asked to think of people in her life with whom she could invite to a course. She started to make a mental list.

Back at home, Marie prayed, “Lord, where would you use me? Where would you have me use these tools?” She took her responsibility as an ambassador for Christ seriously and started with a neighbour. She invited Laura* to sit with her through a study of the Bible.

Laura hesitated and replied, “I’m mildly interested, but not right now.” Marie looked at her friend with sad eyes. She knew Laura was on heavy medication and sensed that she was living a life of fear and terror. Although Laura had never admitted it, Marie sensed she was afraid of death. She wished her neighbour had agreed to a study but she trusted the Lord for the right timing.

Keeping Laura in prayer, Marie turned her attention to other friends and offered each of them a chance to journey through the Bible. One by one, they declined her invitations. Undaunted, Marie asked her stepdaughter. She was taken aback by her stepdaughter’s vehement response: “No!” Marie could sense the revulsion in the young lady. The sorrow that swept over her wasn’t because of her stepdaughter’s rejection, but rather because of what she knew about the state of her stepdaughter’s life.

Though these refusals were disheartening, Marie continued to trust that the Lord would use her. She knew she was ready to guide, so she patiently waited for God to bring the right person to her.

She didn’t have to wait long. Soon after, Marie was able to speak with Bianca.* She was the mother-in-law of Marie’s daughter. Bianca was about 60, from the Philippines and very religious. She had been seeking to be righteous through good works and piety but, deep in her soul, she knew her efforts fell short.

Marie told Bianca about her experience at TERM. She said, “I’d love to tell you what I learned.”

Bianca replied, “Yes! I’ve been praying for someone to teach me the Bible! The Bible doesn’t make sense to me.” Here was a woman, trying her best to be righteous before God, but knowing deep in her soul that her religious efforts and piety fell short of God’s standard.

Elated at how God brought someone to her, Marie made arrangements to meet. Bianca had to drop her grandchild off at a church preschool in the neighbouring town and it was too far to drive home before preschool ended. She had been wasting the two and a half hours each time she waited so Marie thought that this was the perfect opportunity for them to meet. After securing the church’s permission to use a room, both women began to meet one-on-one each week to go through a Worldview Rethink course.

As she had been taught, Marie began to teach. She taught, using her leader’s guide, as Bianca followed along with a copy of The Stranger. Marie would read the commentary as Bianca read the Bible verses. Marie also made use of supplementary visual aid toolboxes. At the appropriate times, she set out on the table the altar, the Ark, the Passover door and more. Bianca appreciated how the course made her read, see, hear and touch. She was learning in so many different ways.

Marie recalled, “As I led, I watched Bianca out of the corner of my eye. I knew there were certain passages of Scripture over which she had stumbled. As the book explained each passage, I could see the shock on her face; her eyes grew wide. The clear and simple explanations were different from what she had been taught.” As the two women met each week, Marie could see the understanding dawn in Bianca’s eyes. Between sessions, Marie spent time with her hands clasped tightly together in prayer. Recalling the parable of the sower, she cried out, “Lord, don’t let the evil one snatch away the seeds of your truth that I’m planting!”

At the end of the course, Marie closed the leader’s guide and leaned back in her seat. Looking steadily at her friend, she asked, “Bianca, are you righteous?”

With a smile lighting her face, Bianca responded, “Yes, I am! I’m covered with the blood of Christ.” There was no need to say more. Marie knew Bianca was no longer trusting in herself but in Jesus Christ and what he accomplished on the cross for her salvation.

Not long afterwards, Bianca’s son had a word with Marie. “My brothers can see the change in Mom. They really want to know what’s been going on with her. They want to know what she’s learned!” Marie was thrilled. It was evident that the Holy Spirit was working in Bianca’s heart. She was now freed from the “religious work” she had been performing. Her understanding of God’s provision had freed her.

Bianca was just the first. Marie knew God was beginning to lead others to her. There was the opportunity with Bianca’s sons. And, when a lady had observed Marie teaching Bianca at the church, she stopped by to find out what they were studying. When Marie showed her the Worldview Rethink curriculum, the lady expressed great interest. She now wants to get some of the GoodSeed tools to use herself. Marie’s other daughter has also showed interest in using the resources and another friend has asked for help to explain the gospel to her father.

Marie began by simply committing the time to learn how to share the gospel. Then, she committed herself to the Lord, to be used in any way he saw fit. Now, the Lord is answering Marie’s prayer of sending her people. She is looking forward to her next study.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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