I confess… I cut up “The Lamb”!

Cutting up The LambIt’s the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. While school was out and the weather warm, summer camps were in full swing. Many children attended Christian camps, backyard Bible clubs, or Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) where, in the midst of fun activities, they also got to learn the message of the Bible. For many of these children, it was the first time they heard the gospel message.

We received an email from Julia,* who taught at a VBS. She said she had to confess something to us. She wrote:

Dear GoodSeed, I am teaching VBS this week and, as you may know, no matter what the curriculum is, since I only have one week with the kids, I ALWAYS incorporate The Lamb book. 😀

This time, however, (here’s the confession) I took a copy of The Lamb and cut the pictures out, backed them with black card stock and laminated them. I am teaching the story using these pictures instead of flipping through the book.

Then later, I have file folders that contain the pictures I have used for the story. The children get to pick a file, look at the picture, and try to find the picture in a similar book, What are Christmas and Easter All About? They will be doing this all week. They LOVE finding the pictures in the book and touching the cards of the story that has been taught earlier. I will give them copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? to take home with them at the end of the week. They can read it because the book is written using simpler language and grammar. Or, their parents can read it to them. That way, the whole family gets it! I love it!

Thanks for these tremendous resources.


Julia, we’re not offended that you cut up the book. In fact, we do it all the time when we need to teach a bigger group. We’re glad that you were able to use the tools we create to help children understand the gospel message and be able to put their trust in Jesus for salvation.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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