God has allowed us to guide many friends

Faithful Couple
“Our days are full from morning till night… our weeks pretty much revolve around spending time with friends and doing By This Name studies.”

It all started when Josh* attended a TERM Seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2010. He learned how to use GoodSeed tools to guide a course about the Bible in a way that makes sense. When he returned home he immediately shared what he had learned with his wife Steph*. As a couple they began praying that God would bring opportunities. Since then, their life has become quite busy–in a good way! God has allowed them to guide many of their friends and acquaintances in their small rural town to a clear understanding of the Bible’s main message–the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday morning they stopped by the GoodSeed USA office to stock up on By This Name books and workbooks–it was their third case in the last six months!

We asked, “How do you get so many opportunities to teach courses?”

“It’s easy, really,” they said. “We spend time with people and look for ways to show them that we truly care. We listen closely for openings in the conversation to invite them to a course.”

“What kind of openings do you listen for and how do you invite people?”

Josh replied, “Well, for example, someone might comment, ‘I didn’t grow up in church.’ Or, ‘I don’t really know much about the Bible.’ Or, ‘I need direction in this difficult situation I’m facing.’ Any one of these kinds of statements is an opening to respond, ‘The Bible offers many meaningful answers to life’s big questions. I regularly guide courses with friends to help them discover what the Bible actually says and I was wondering if that was something that you’d be interested in doing with me?’ If they answer with a ‘Yes,’ then immediately we offer, ‘How about we start next week? I have Monday evening free—do you?’” In no time Josh and Steph are well on their way, guiding another course, one-on-one or a small group, with someone who is sincerely interested in learning what the Bible has to say.

“More often than not,” Steph continued, “as soon as we’re done, they ask if we could do it again with someone they know. They’re eager to share the good news with others.”

Praise God with us for the power of the gospel and how he uses regular believers like Josh and Steph to bring people to a point of trusting in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Interested in learning how to use GoodSeed evangelism tools just as Josh and Steph did? Find out more and sign up for an upcoming TERM Seminar.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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