You’ll be doing well if you get three!

Worldview Rethink Course

Worldview Rethink Course

After attending a TERM Seminar, Jacob* was eager to try leading a course just as he had been shown. He booked a room at his church and publicized that a course was about to start. He told a church leader he would be going through the book The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. The church leader quipped, “You’ll be doing well if you get three! The study is a bit long and Friday night is not a good night.” Undaunted, Jacob trusted the Lord to bring people. He is now mid-way through the course and he sent us an update:

The Stranger course on Friday nights has been going well and we praise God for the opportunities. He has given us the good news to share with others. We had 14 people turn up the first week, and it has grown over the next two weeks. We now have a group of around 20-22. (Others are interested in coming but we’re looking to start a second group as the group of 20 works well and there’s no more room!) Having the interactive books has been fantastic! There is one young couple getting married, and they had to miss a session. They were glad when we said that there was a DVD at the back of the book for them to view and thus catch up. The age range of the group is from 14 to 77 and everyone is enthusiastic about what they are learning. All the comments from those doing the course have been VERY POSITIVE! Most of the group profess to be “saved” but we know that there are three or four who are not.

As an equipping ministry, we provide training and tools for ordinary believers to share the gospel simply and accurately, from creation to Christ. We are very glad to see Jacob take the mandate of being an ambassador for Christ seriously. Pray with us that his first course and subsequent courses will result in people who have a good understanding of the gospel message and that they will come to put their trust in Christ as their Saviour. (*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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