I found the Bible daunting!

The Great Bible

The Great BibleWe received an email all the way from Malaysia. This older gentleman was recently given a copy of By This Name. After he read it, he was compelled to write to us. This is what he shared:

This well structured and cleverly written book by John R Cross played a great part in my knowing God and accepting His gracious gift of salvation through faith in His beloved son Jesus Christ. I had previously tried to read the Holy Bible but found it not only daunting to go through the first few chapters but also found the scriptural language difficult to understand. It would have been near impossible for me to read through the thousands of pages and make sense of them. On the other hand By This Name is presented in such a way that the modern-day non-believers’ doubts are quickly dispelled by addressing issues of science and why God is unique and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow… and He always keeps his promises.

With these initial possible obstacles of the modern man addressed, John then narrated the Bible in simple English and in a comprehensible and cohesive manner so that the reader can easily grasp the essence (basic essentials) of the Holy Bible without having to plough through thousands of pages in the Bible. Of course it is imperative to know more deeply the Word of God in order to grow spiritually and to obey Lord Jesus’ Great Commission. However, the non-believer must first become a believer and that is by knowing what God’s grace is all about. The sooner he obtains this knowledge the sooner the Holy Spirit can then work on him.

I realize that what has worked for me may not work for another. But I have reasons to believe that there are others out there who are seeking to learn more about the Holy Bible who can be helped through the reading of By This Name. — Benjamin*

We never know what will happen when we give a friend a book. We thank Benjamin for taking the time to write to let us know the impact that By This Name has had on his understanding of the Bible. It was encouraging for our staff to receive his story. We pray he will continue to read the Word and grow deeper in his understanding and in his walk with Christ. Praise God for his testimony.

[*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.]

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