Dinner at Denny’s

Bible with Isaiah notes(Editor’s note: We received the following encouraging story and a prayer request from Ian.* Would you pray along with us?)

I’m currently studying at a Bible school and, one evening, I was having dinner at the local Denny’s. I was sitting at the walk-up table poring over my notes from my Isaiah class when, Stella*, the waitress noticed my heavily marked-up Bible. She made a comment that she was surprised to see all the notes and highlights.

This made me smile, as this was not the first time that I have had a waitress comment or ask about what I was reading or studying. Later that evening, when Stella was on her break, I felt compelled to show her Isaiah 40–a page that was heavily marked up. This immediately sparked a conversation! She eventually revealed that, though she had attended a Christian school, she did not really believe in the Bible. She only considered it a good book.

We went on to talk about the architecture of the Bible and its prophetic content and how these aspects make it a truly unique book. Stella ended up sitting down beside me with her plate of food and the conversation continued. As she asked questions and I tried to answer as best as I could, the conversation flowed back and forth.

As we talked, I was able to assess Stella’s level of understanding of the gospel. I explained to her God’s character and the purpose of the Ten Commandments (the law revealed sin and defined God’s standard of perfection). I described the solution to man’s sin problem (an innocent animal substitute dying in place of sinful man). I told her how this sacrifice was just a visual aid, that it would actually take a perfect man to be a sufficient substitute for man. I explained why all the animal sacrifices were only temporary and could not really take away our sin problem but that they looked forward to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross. He was our sufficient substitute.

Stella paused after my brief explanation of the gospel and said, “Hmm, now I know why Jesus had to die. No one ever explained that to me before.”

I asked her if she were willing to investigate further. I told Stella I had a book that explained the gospel in an objective, non-arm-twisting way. The book didn’t tell a person what to believe but left it to the reader to make up his or her own mind. The book simply helped a person gain an accurate understanding of the Bible. In the end, she could choose to accept or reject the message–that would be her choice. When Stella accepted my offer, I grabbed a copy of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus: Interactive Edition from the “Be Ready Box” in my truck and gave it to her. When she asked if I wanted it back, I replied that wasn’t necessary. I directed her to the email contact details listed in the book if she had any questions. Stella seemed excited about the “read and watch” feature, and thanked me.

Please pray with me that Stella would come to understand the gospel and place her trust in Jesus.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)