I asked him if he read the Bible much. He said it was difficult…

Photo credit: Francisco Diez on flickr

Last week, TERM Seminar attendees in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, were trained on how to guide a friend to a clear understanding of the Bible’s message. They were also challenged to prepare a “Be Ready Box” so that they will have gospel tools available to give away at a moment’s notice. When believers are ready, God often begins to nudge people their way with whom they can share the gospel. For Ned and Marion,* a couple who were at the seminar, opportunity came sooner than they expected—like immediately after the seminar!

They emailed us after their six-hour drive home, to tell us what happened on Saturday evening after the last session. Ned wrote:

To stay awake for the drive, I stopped and got a cup of joe from Starbucks. We stopped and gassed up in Coeur d’Alene and got talking with the attendant there at the gas station. I asked him if he read the Bible much or understood it. He said it was a difficulty for him so I blessed him with a ‘Stranger on the Road to Emmaus’ book. He acted really appreciative and glad to get it, kind of a shocked look…

It was truly wonderful handing him that book… makes giving out small gospel tracts seem less effective. I got in and Marion said, ‘I knew we should have bought a case of those!’ Well, we will be putting together an order of more materials soon.

So, off for now, blessings,


Pray with us that the gas pump attendant will read, understand and trust in Christ for salvation. And pray too that God will guide more people to Ned and Marion so they can continue to share the gospel.

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[*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.]


Photo credit: Francisco Diez on flickr