Annual Bible Camp

GoodSeed Bible Camp

At our annual Bible camp, we were in the middle of nowhere, taking the time to study the Bible, spending time in prayer and fellowship, and praising God for all that he has accomplished.

One of the highlights was hearing stories of people coming to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ after they read one of our books or were led through a course. These stories came from all over the globe: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America.We were awed by how far the tools had travelled. It’s amazing what God can do through ordinary believers willing to share the good news.

Among the people at the camp were friends checking out the ministry. God has moved in the hearts of several families and it looks like we will have new members joining the team. Thank God for the extra help! Please pray with us that God will confirm his will for these families and together we can work together to share the good news right around the world.