27 groups and counting!

The Stranger Videobook

(Editor’s note: Many retired people have time on their hands. How can they use their time to be effective ambassadors for Christ? Here is Kevin and Seana’s story.)

We met an elderly couple who had recently ordered two cases of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Kevin and Seana* were retired, but they were putting their time to good use by getting involved in a ministry that helped new international students settle into their city. Kevin and Seana helped the students find accommodation and get furniture. They showed the students around town, and even helped them find supermarkets that stocked familiar foods.

Through the course of building these friendships, Kevin and Seana would ask if the students were interested in learning what the Bible was all about. Many of the young men and women accepted the invitation and so they would gather in the couple’s home for a meal and then they would study the Bible together.

Kevin admitted that he wasn’t a great teacher and Seana agreed. But they had help. They would use The Stranger Videobook and let the DVDs do the teaching. Then the students would answer the workbook questions together as a form of review. And to help students further, Kevin gave each of them a copy of “The Stranger” (in their preferred language) so they could read the message again for themselves. Kevin said that many of the students understood and put their trust in Jesus.

“How many groups have you run?” we asked.

Kevin smiled. “27 groups and counting!”

Praise God for this couple’s faithfulness in being ambassadors for Christ. Imagine if retired people everywhere took active roles in seeking opportunities to share the gospel with people in their community.

(* Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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