Trained and ready to lead

Practising hand motions at the TERM Seminar

Over the weekend, we finished up a TERM Seminar in Olds, Alberta. Unlike previous ones, these participants had the advantage of having access to all the leader’s notes and visual aids. In the past, participants had to take down notes, write in the margins of their books and then back at home, they had to make their own visual aids. It took some effort to get ready to guide a friend or neighbour through the course.

Now with the Worldview Rethink curriculum and visual aids, the preparation was done. They could lead a course literally at a moment’s notice. “Oh, you want to start tonight? Well, sure you can! Come on over for supper and we can begin right after.”

We took some time on the last day to help the participants practice with the visual aids. It was quite a sight to see rows of ziggurats (representing the “religious” worldview) lined up on the tables besides rows of crosses (representing the biblical worldview). When the participants followed the hands actions, it really looked like a camp singalong session. But those hand motions helped pop the difference between religion and the Bible into sharp focus. Practising with the hands provided light-hearted moments that boosted the confidence of everyone present. They knew they were Ambassadors for Christ and wanted to do their best to share the Good News when the opportunities arose. Now that they were trained on the message and trained on how to deliver it, they were ready. The participants were taking the Apostle Peter’s words seriously:

“And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.”
1 Peter 3:15 NLT

We pray that God will send people into their lives willing to hear the Good News of the Bible.

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