Can you speak my language?

All around the world, we see believers sharing the Good News with their friends and neighbours. They seek resources in their local heart language so that they can explain the gospel better, in way their friends can understand.

Here are two letters we received from two believers.

“People are so hungry for God’s word wherever we go. The mayor of the town we are ministering to has even asked us to do Bible Studies to all his clusters, or what we call “barangays”. Many opportunities have opened for God’s word to be proclaimed but there are few workers. However, many laymen are willing to be trained. This is why we wanted to translate the book “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” We believe it can help us train up able men to help with the work of spreading God’s word to [the people here].”

— A believer from the Philippines


“We were wondering if anybody will be making a trip to Japan to introduce “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” and whether they would be willing to do a seminar to introduce the chronological method of salvation to Japan. We really feel like this is an important method to be introduced to Japan.”

— A missionary to Japan

We understand this need! Our translation team is working with translators all around the world to get our resources translated into local languages. We have made some progress. Below is a chart featuring the translations we have available today. Perhaps there are people in your sphere of influence who can benefit from these resources. There are more on the way this year. Many of them have taken years to translate and we’re excited that they are almost ready to be released. If you want to get updates on upcoming translations, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter.

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