Sharing the gospel at Christmas time

Christmas is fast approaching. Many believers find that this is a natural opportunity to share the gospel as there is more interest from their co-workers, friends and family. We have a booklet entitled, What are Christmas and Easter all About? It’s 80 pages long, with full-colour illustrations and text in Easy English. It explains the gospel message from Creation to Christ, providing someone with no Bible knowledge the context and necessary information needed to understand the gospel. The booklet is available for bulk purchase, which means it’s an affordable evangelism tool. If you’ve been looking for a way to share the gospel, consider taking the Christmas season to give a book that explains the true meaning of Christmas.

In addition, many of us send Christmas cards to friends and loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to include an explanation of the true meaning of Christmas with our cards? You can if you slip in a copy of What are Christmas and Easter all About? Each booklet is slim enough to put into an envelope. As you seal each envelope, pray that the Lord will encourage your friend or loved one to read and understand the gospel.

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