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By This Name

We are always very heartened to hear how our tools help people gain a clear understanding of the gospel message. Sometimes, people spend their entire lives trying to live like a Christian without really knowing what that means. When they finally gain a proper understanding of the gospel, their lives are genuinely transformed.

Here’s one such story.

At the age of 65, I have had a very blessed life. Having been raised by two hard working parents with only an eighth grade education, I have traveled the world, enjoyed top level leadership roles in a very large corporation in a 35-year career, and been blessed with a great family.

But something was missing all along the way!

While always conscience of God and faith, I was not taught about church, the Bible or scripture. I tried to be a believer without the appropriate background and understanding, probably not very well.

This year I have joined a church, attended services regularly and tried to get involved in church work. It has felt better but I still didn’t feel like I was connected enough. And then you gave the book, By This Name!

Suddenly, I feel like I get it! I have read a chapter a night lately and I am learning stuff that a 65 year-old man should already know… but I simply didn’t know it. Along the road of my life, I didn’t get exposed to the right teachers or clergy, and I suppose that I “acted” as though I really did know.

The book has connected things for me and has taken me to a Christian place that I have not been in before. I find myself re-reading sections days after I have focused on them. The way the author tells the story and connects it to the Bible makes it simple for me and I get it!

Thank you!


(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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