Caring for Mexican seasonal farmworkers in Michigan

Girls reading The Lamb

Every year, over 49,000 seasonal farmworkers and their families make their way north from Mexico to Michigan’s fertile fields and orchards for the summer and fall harvest. Michigan Migrant Ministries (MMM) shows the love of Jesus Christ to these guests who visit their state. They give gifts, conduct bible classes in Spanish and English, do summer school programs and day camps for the children, and have regular get-togethers for fellowship.

The approach of MMM is similar to how the Israelites welcomed and cared for sojourner families among them. They taught them about the Lord from Scripture:

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Panama: Reconnecting and sharing the gospel

Lavonne reads El Cordero (The Lamb in Spanish) to a very attentive audience in Panama.

One of our GoodSeed staff couples, Simon and Lavonne, were missionaries in Panama for 17 years before returning to the USA where they now continue ministry at the GoodSeed office in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

Recently, after being gone from Panama for more than a year, they had an opportunity to go back for a visit to reconnect with many of their dear friends in a remote village as well as in the city. In preparation for their trip, they packed a “Be Ready” suitcase full of GoodSeed resources that explained the Bible’s message clearly. Among the books was a copy of All that the Prophets have Spoken in Arabic to be given to their friends who own the hotel where they often stayed. For the Chinese shopkeeper where they used to buy their groceries, they had The Stranger in Mandarin. Also included in their suitcase were several copies of El Forastero (The Stranger book in Spanish) and El Cordero (The Lamb book in Spanish).

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I confess… I cut up “The Lamb”!

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Cutting up The LambIt’s the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. While school was out and the weather warm, summer camps were in full swing. Many children attended Christian camps, backyard Bible clubs, or Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) where, in the midst of fun activities, they also got to learn the message of the Bible. For many of these children, it was the first time they heard the gospel message.

We received an email from Julia,* who taught at a VBS. She said she had to confess something to us. She wrote:

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“The Lamb” for my father-in-law

old-man-nursing-home-72dpiAileen’s* father-in-law, George, had been in a nursing home for some time. As his health progressively failed, the time came when Aileen learned that he didn’t have much longer to live. Though her family had prayed for George’s salvation for many years, he had never been open to the gospel. Aileen prayerfully decided to take a copy of The Lamb with her as she went to visit him.

Day after day, as Aileen sat at George’s bedside, she read the book aloud. He listened intently and gazed at the colourful pictures through rheumy eyes. Carefully he pondered the questions at the end of each chapter and answered them quietly but clearly. By the end, Aileen watched as George softened to the message of hope offered in this simple book, and she was certain he believed. What a relief to know her father-in-law was saved! At times George was too sleepy or weak to interact, so she spent that time visiting other residents, reading The Lamb to them.

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An adoption gone wrong


When Neville* and Dominique learned of a little boy with a foster family in Central America who was up for adoption, it seemed their prayers were finally being answered. Excited to meet their soon-to-be son, they boarded a flight from their home in Quebec. Little did they know that God had other plans.

When they arrived, they went through the process but for complex reasons, the adoption fell through and there was nothing left to do but go home. They made arrangements to fly home early, all the time wondering why God had not allowed their adoption to proceed.

Dominique tells the rest of her story:

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Seven baptisms one stormy Sunday

StormThick black clouds and the threat of hail did not deter Abundant Grace Church from going ahead with plans for a summer baptism service. Instead of their usual venue—a rural swimming hole with picnic tables and lawn chairs, they gathered in the shelter of a local church.

Seven in all—from young boys and girls to parents—took turns standing waist-deep in the cool water of the baptismal tank. Each one spoke of the One in whom they had placed their faith.

Pastor Mark wrote to tell how GoodSeed resources were instrumental in bringing about this special day of celebration:

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All eyes on Brazil

Brazil flag

All eyes were on Brazil as everyone supported their soccer/football team during this year’s World Cup.

Heaven continues to watch and cheer, but for quite another reason. Brazilian people are understanding and trusting Jesus Christ as their saviour!

“Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10 ESV

A missionary in Brazil wrote a little note of encouragement, telling how she has been using The Lamb in her ministry to children:

Thank you again for The Lamb book which you might remember giving to me a few years ago… What a great tool for sharing the gospel and creating conversation about Jesus. I have recently read it with three young friends here who all loved it. One asked to borrow the book after we were finished and read the whole thing out loud to her parents! My mom is also using The Lamb as a discipleship tool with a newly-saved mom of three young children. I found that The Lamb is now available in Portuguese as O Cordeiro. Last summer, I took a few copies to use in Brazil and then to leave with churches and children’s workers there. So glad you introduced me to The Lamb!

We regularly hear stories and testimonies from Brazil of ambassadors of Christ sharing the gospel clearly and people coming to salvation. As the World Cup continues, praise God with us for what he is doing.

More GoodSeed resources in Portuguese >> 


Photo Credit: “Brazilian Flag” by Christiano Oliveira is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The Lamb at a children’s camp

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The Lamb book with lambs

Editor’s note: We received an email from the director of a children’s camp in central Alberta, Canada. He wrote to encourage our hearts. It sure did!

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Counselling troubled adults with a children’s book?


For years, Isabelle* felt lost and hopeless. Finally, she went to get some help in order to sort out a lifetime of past hurt, confusion and deception. One day her counsellor recognized an underlying problem. Isabelle wrote to tell us what happened…

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How do I know if my child believes?

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Mom reading The LambQuestion: I read my daughter The Lamb. How do I know if  she believes and is saved?

Answer: If you’ve read through The Lamb with your daughter and she can answer the questions in the book, this indicates that she has good a good grasp of the gospel message.

To check further, you can ask her to retell the story to you. In this way, you can see how well she remembers the story and whether she can explain the concepts. Asking her to retell also allows you to check if she  believes the facts. Ask her the following questions:

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