The Lamb at a children’s camp

The Lamb book with lambs

Editor’s note: We received an email from the director of a children’s camp in central Alberta, Canada. He wrote to encourage our hearts. It sure did!

Our kid’s camp was in full swing with over 50 children aged eight to ten. Their energy was palpable as they enjoyed a variety of games and activities—horseback riding, archery, wall climbing, hiking and learning survival skills. They also had a great time sitting around the campfire and learning what the Bible taught about Jesus! It was great to be able to share with these eager children the wonderful love that God had for man!

Our speaker’s theme was “Jesus: The Lamb of God.” It started out well during the first chapel session. There were fun songs and serious songs and a few gut-splitting skits. Then the speaker got up and started his talk about sheep, lambs and their habits. He had a little stove with a frying pan and began cooking some lamb chops as he spoke. The kids heard about lamb, smelled lamb and tasted lamb that first night. Throughout the week, they experienced “lamb” in many different ways. Each of the speaker’s messages built upon the previous one… kind of like your book, The Lamb. On the last day, a local farmer brought in a couple actual lambs and a sheep for the kids to hear, see, touch and feed. It was pretty cool.

During the camp, each tent leader was equipped with a copy of The Lamb. The tent leader read the book to their kids in their small group times. At the end of the camp, each leader drew a name from their group and let the winner take the book home. At the time of their final quiz, the winners received a stuffed toy lamb as well as a copy of The Lamb. It was beautiful how the Holy Spirit blessed all these efforts as more than half of the kids at the camp—that is, more than 25 boys and girls—made first-time decisions to trust Jesus to save them from their plight of sin. Indeed our God is awesome and the kingdom of Heaven is fuller because of His grace and love and the story of the Lamb. Praise the Lord for the lady who donated all those books! One boy that won the book went home and his mom wrote an us email. She shared her son’s salvation experience and how he was reading The Lamb and had already made it to page 116! What an accomplishment for an eight-year-old. Mom was truly grateful!

Last fall, we had another little camp of about 15 girls and their mothers. Some of these children had never touched a Bible before in their lives. It was a great time of sharing about how to locate a specific verse. John 3:16 was one of the first verses the girls learned to look up. The mothers also joined in the action and were challenged to consider Jesus and his claims. Two mothers took home a copy of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus to read and to get a grasp of who Jesus is and whether or not he is relevant to their lives. Praise the Lord again for the lady who donated these materials for distribution. God watch over you and His endeavours through GoodSeed!

We praise God for the children who came to faith in Jesus Christ through the camp. Pray with us for the mothers who are continuing to learn who Jesus is and what he accomplished on the cross.

Photo credit: courtesy of camp director

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