Giving thanks for the purchase of our international office building

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giving thanks serviceOn November 29th, we had a very special event in Olds, Alberta. We were celebrating God’s provision of the funds to purchase the international office building. Together with friends and supporters, we gathered in the other part of the building that was currently being used by another business. We are deeply thankful for what the Lord has provided and are so grateful to all who have prayed, donated and shared the project with others.

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Recording the music for “No Ordinary Story”

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recording No Ordinary StoryIn late October, GoodSeed’s songwriter Allan Ellingsgaard and special project consultant James Janzen, along with our video team, made a trip to Surrey, British Columbia, to record all the instrument tracks for No Ordinary Story. With the invaluable help of a professional recording studio and quality musicians, this goal was achieved over a span of nine days.

When asked about how he felt about the whole experience, Allan says that he entered this phase with a lot of nervousness. “Having just the piano until this point had made me feel sort of boxed in,” he recalls. “I knew I wanted something but I didn’t know exactly what.” The idea of working with professional musicians was a little intimidating. Would they appreciate the musical for what it was?

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Give more meaning to your money

phone-seminarMike and MaryAnn were a couple in their 40s who through hard work had accumulated some financial security that allowed them to live a pleasant lifestyle.

Writing a Will had never been a high priority for Mike and MaryAnn. They had never had children, so knowing that if one of them died, the other would inherit the assets was comfort enough for them.

But then one of their favourite charities suggested they meet with a representative from ADVISORS with Purpose. They were encouraged to consider how the assets they were accumulating could take on more meaning both now and after their deaths.

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Video preview for “By This Name” Interactive Edition

We live in a world where spirituality is in and the Bible is out.  God is anything we make him out to be and a growing majority believes that he is nothing more than an impersonal force.

Utilizing a seldom used, but solidly biblical method, By This Name powerfully sets apart the God of the Bible from all other forms of spirituality, all the while answering two questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What are the cross and tomb all about?” It establishes the authority of Scripture and gently compares the biblical worldview to other worldviews in an objective, non-arm-twisting way.

 Supplement your reading by watching video clips accessible via the web and DVD.

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How will you choose to pay your social capital?

awp-social-capital-gsTo find out more about how you can align your Will with your faith, your values and desires:

Call 1.866.336.3315 or email [email protected] 

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Meet Mervyn & Kathy Jenkins, GoodSeed UK & Ireland

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The Jenkins familyScotland is a beautiful expression of the artistry of our Creator, with green highlands, rocky coasts, mysterious islands and meandering lochs. These picturesque surroundings were the setting of a childhood in which Mervyn regularly heard God’s Word and was taught the gospel. However, it wasn’t until his late teens that he put his trust in Jesus Christ.

Kathy’s home, on the other hand, was not a Christian one. It was only when a pastor’s daughter shared the gospel with her that she came to a personal faith. This led her to attend church—the one Mervyn was attending. They met at a house group, and after dating for almost four years, married in 1996. God blessed them with two daughters, Lauren and Chloe, now both in their late teens.

Although Mervyn and Kathy were believers, the next few years saw them slowly become distracted from a wholehearted devotion to God and his Word. It was through a sermon series on Ephesians 6 that they became refocused on what truly counted in this life: following God and living their lives fully for him. Recognizing that they would face opposition in their walk with the Lord, they wanted to be enabled to stand firm in their faith. They also wanted be equipped to tell others about Jesus Christ.

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TERM Seminar: I realized how much the world really has changed

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TERM Seminar in Coeur d'Alene, ID

I realized how much the world really has changed… we really can’t just assume people are biblically literate—even those who attend our church every week. I’m going to talk to church leadership about how we can use these tools for outreach… and also with everyone who is already in our church.” – Fletcher, 2015 TERM participant

Fletcher was enthusiastic as he shared with us his evangelism plans. Having finished the one-day TERM Seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he had caught the vision of how it was possible for an ordinary believer like himself to reach the people in his community with the gospel. He had come to see that in today’s world, believers needed to rethink how to share the unchanging gospel in a way that makes sense to people with little or no knowledge about the Bible.

Fletcher was among 100 attendees who were at the first of our seven seminars being held across the USA this fall. Some of the participants lived right in town. Others came from as far away as Libby, Montana and Seattle, Washington. But the ones who travelled the farthest were those of a church group from British Columbia, Canada!

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Thanksgiving: our international office building is fully funded!

GoodSeed: Olds BuildingIt is with real joy and thanksgiving to the Lord that we can inform you that, as of June 30, we were able to deposit in the bank the balance needed to purchase the office building in Olds, Alberta. In the last two years we have witnessed an outpouring of generosity that has amazed us. You have been part of this project and we want to say a heartfelt thanks. We look forward to the Lord’s continued leading as we use this building for His work.
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A policy that paid out

LighthouseMartin has always ensured that his family would be financially provided for in the event of his untimely death.

He had a significant life insurance policy in place that would allow his wife to stay home and raise the family. His wife passed away a few years ago and his kids are now grown and independent. That policy is now paid up and while its original purpose is no longer relevant, a generous death benefit is still in place. One of the charities that Martin has long supported suggested he meet with an estate specialist from ADVISORS with Purpose.

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“No Ordinary Story”: You have to perform this again!

No Ordinary Story - First Public Performance

The lady on the phone said in a firm voice:

You need to understand, the musical was incredible. I’ve people I want to bring to this. They need to hear this message. I’ve a list of elderly people who go to church but I know they’re not believers. Even for me, there are a few things that I’ve never understood even though I’ve been going to church most of my life.”

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