This can’t wait! There are only hours left

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time“Ming Wei, you need to come home urgently. Your grandmother might not last long!”

When he received the phone call from his parents, Ming Wei’s* heart grew heavy. Not only was he concerned about his grandmother’s health, he had a much deeper concern—he was worried about the spiritual state of his grandmother.

As an overseas Chinese student, Ming Wei had the opportunity to learn about Christianity and had become a believer just a couple of years ago. Now as he packed to go home to China, he was anxious about how to broach the subject of the gospel with his ailing grandmother. Since coming to Christ, he hadn’t found himself in this position before and he was at a loss as to how to talk to her about Christ. One thing he did know—time was short and this would be his one and only opportunity to address her eternal destiny.

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New year, new opportunities to share the gospel

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January 4, 2016

Betty Scott Stam, a young wife and mother serving as a missionary to China in the 1930s, didn’t just know the gospel in theory. It was her life. And it ended up costing everything. She and her husband, John, were martyred as a result of their witness for Christ. Years before this happened, she wrote,

“Nobody can force a single soul to turn to Christ. All that the followers of Jesus have to do, all they can do, is to lift up Christ before the world, bring Him into dingy corners and dark places of the earth where He is unknown, introduce Him to strangers, talk about Him to everybody and live so closely with and in Him that others may see that there really is such a person as Jesus.” *

What Betty understood is something that each of us is called to. We are ambassadors for Christ. This is not a part-time job that we somehow “fit in” to our busy schedules. All believers are given the biblical mandate to live a lifelong lifestyle of being ready to share the gospel at a moment’s notice.

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TERM Seminar: I realized how much the world really has changed

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TERM Seminar in Coeur d'Alene, ID

I realized how much the world really has changed… we really can’t just assume people are biblically literate—even those who attend our church every week. I’m going to talk to church leadership about how we can use these tools for outreach… and also with everyone who is already in our church.” – Fletcher, 2015 TERM participant

Fletcher was enthusiastic as he shared with us his evangelism plans. Having finished the one-day TERM Seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he had caught the vision of how it was possible for an ordinary believer like himself to reach the people in his community with the gospel. He had come to see that in today’s world, believers needed to rethink how to share the unchanging gospel in a way that makes sense to people with little or no knowledge about the Bible.

Fletcher was among 100 attendees who were at the first of our seven seminars being held across the USA this fall. Some of the participants lived right in town. Others came from as far away as Libby, Montana and Seattle, Washington. But the ones who travelled the farthest were those of a church group from British Columbia, Canada!

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You can give away the gospel

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Whether it’s an ordinary day or on a vacation; whether it’s with a close friend or someone you’ve just met, you can share the gospel simply by giving away a book, CD or DVD. Learn how:

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I would love to use this book to help others understand!

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By This Name StudyAt one of our TERM Seminars in Canada last year, Walter* flew up from the States to join in. He’s a missionary working primarily in Western Asia and had been using one of our translations to teach. Now, he was looking to learn how we use the books as curriculum. He joined us as we went through By This Name with the rest of the group. Over the course of the week, Walter listened very attentively and learned how we guide a group through the gospel message. At the end, he wrote us a very encouraging note.

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What is TERM?

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What is TERM? Watch the two-minute preview video to find out.

Sign up for one of our upcoming seminars this fall.

Learn more about TERM.

TERM Seminar: I saw her worldview!

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Term Seminar in IrelandDuring the month of May, John Cross and team had six one-day or two-evening TERM Seminars in the UK and Ireland. It was a wonderful time of teaching, learning, fellowship and encouraging each other to be faithful ambassadors for Christ. The vision for TERM is to train believers to be confident sharers of the gospel message and to help them “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:6 NIV).

One participant, has been putting her training into practice. She wrote to tell us about her first sharing experience after TERM:

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Attend a TERM Seminar in one of six US locations this fall

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Coffee shop study

John Cross and the GoodSeed teaching team will be conducting one-day TERM Seminars in the USA this fall. Partnering with different churches and ministries, the seminars will be held in Idaho, Pennsylvania, Iowa, California and Wisconsin.

GoodSeed’s TERM Seminars are a time to stop and rethink our approach to evangelism and discipleship in today’s ever-changing world. As believers, how do we engage with our friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones and share the gospel message with them? TERM takes the time to look into Scripture to see what it has to say about sharing the good news in today’s world.

If you are keen to get fresh wind in your evangelism sails or if you are in charge of evangelism, outreach or discipleship at your church, then sign up for one of the TERM Seminars near you.

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How to train…

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Writing on chalkboard

GoodSeed resources were designed to be versatile in use. Over the years, we have received stories from around the world of how people use our books, curricula and other tools for evangelism. We have also received stories on how our tools are used to disciple believers, helping them build strong foundations for their faith and also training them to be able to share the good news with others.

As we glean the best of what others have done and what our staff have tried, we’ve put together the best experiences and notes into a series of “How To” articles.

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Worldview Rethink: Tools to help you share the biblical worldview

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Worldview Rethink curriculum

In the past, whenever we’ve conducted TERM Seminars, we use various teaching aids to help participants engage with God’s Word so that they understand clearly the message of the gospel.

We employ tools like visual aids and workbooks. We also get participants to read the Scripture portions, underline key points and watch the interactive video clips that provide supplementary information.

After each seminar, the top questions invariably are: “Can I get those notes you have so I can teach the way you do?” and “Where can I get those visual aids to help me teach?”

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