I would love to use this book to help others understand!

By This Name StudyAt one of our TERM Seminars in Canada last year, Walter* flew up from the States to join in. He’s a missionary working primarily in Western Asia and had been using one of our translations to teach. Now, he was looking to learn how we use the books as curriculum. He joined us as we went through By This Name with the rest of the group. Over the course of the week, Walter listened very attentively and learned how we guide a group through the gospel message. At the end, he wrote us a very encouraging note.

The TERM Seminar helped make the central message of the Bible more clear to me. It has shown how the Bible is perfectly woven together in all its various stories and events. Collectively, these stories drive home the message of redemption found only in Jesus Christ.

Through the use of visual aids and clear instructions, I was also greatly helped in not only understanding the message of the gospel, but also in how I can better explain it to others. The [Worldview Rethink curriculum] clearly and accurately explains the central message of the Bible. I would love to use this book to help others understand this amazing truth as well!”

We’re glad Walter benefited from his time at TERM. We pray that as he returns to his mission field, he will be able to teach others as he has been taught and help many understand the message of the gospel.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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