TERM Seminar: I realized how much the world really has changed

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TERM Seminar in Coeur d'Alene, ID

I realized how much the world really has changed… we really can’t just assume people are biblically literate—even those who attend our church every week. I’m going to talk to church leadership about how we can use these tools for outreach… and also with everyone who is already in our church.” – Fletcher, 2015 TERM participant

Fletcher was enthusiastic as he shared with us his evangelism plans. Having finished the one-day TERM Seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he had caught the vision of how it was possible for an ordinary believer like himself to reach the people in his community with the gospel. He had come to see that in today’s world, believers needed to rethink how to share the unchanging gospel in a way that makes sense to people with little or no knowledge about the Bible.

Fletcher was among 100 attendees who were at the first of our seven seminars being held across the USA this fall. Some of the participants lived right in town. Others came from as far away as Libby, Montana and Seattle, Washington. But the ones who travelled the farthest were those of a church group from British Columbia, Canada!

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You can give away the gospel

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Whether it’s an ordinary day or on a vacation; whether it’s with a close friend or someone you’ve just met, you can share the gospel simply by giving away a book, CD or DVD. Learn how:

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There’s no way you’re sharing that story!

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Can we meet?Sandra* is an easygoing person with an affable manner that allows her to easily make friends with strangers. She knows how to tell a story and she can engage in tough conversations without getting into an argument. She has been volunteering at a hospital and gets to meet many types of patients. Not too long ago, she met Erin, who was dying of a serious illness. Having appreciated an earlier visit, Erin wanted another opportunity to talk to Sandra. Fortunately, Erin’s doctor, who was sympathetic to her needs, also knew Sandra and so arranged for the two women to have some time together.

What ensued was a three-hour meeting. Sandra had brought along with her a copy of What are Christmas and Easter All About? and, with Erin’s permission, was able to read aloud the entire booklet. Sandra went on to answer Erin’s questions and, by the end of their visit, Erin had put her trust in Jesus for salvation. She was now a believer!

Barely three weeks after this meeting, Erin passed away. She left a letter instructing her young adult sons to invite Sandra to speak at her funeral. Erin specifically requested that Sandra read aloud What are Christmas and Easter All About?, just as she had done during that earlier time together. A furore broke out. Jeremy, Erin’s brother, strongly objected to Sandra’s presence at the funeral.

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Looking for Italian coffee

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Looking for Italian coffeeIt seems God can use just about any circumstances to bring people to him. Agnes* has a love for Italian coffee and in the small German city where she lives, she knows of an Italian gelato cafe that serves great coffee. One day, she stopped by to get a cup of her favourite brew and was dismayed to find that the cafe had just closed for the day. As she stood among the al fresco tables wondering what to do next, she noticed a couple sitting nearby at a table. She wasn’t sure why, but felt prompted to speak to them.

Exchanging pleasantries with them, Agnes learned that they were Elena and Salvatore, a couple who had just moved from Italy. When Agnes told them that she really loved the coffee from the cafe, Elena replied, “Well, of course; it’s Italian!” They had a good laugh and chatted a little more. Elena said that, being new in the city, they didn’t have any friends and that it was hard to get to know people.

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Indiana Jones and the power of a visual aid

The power of a visual aidSome months ago, John Cross met with a pastor over breakfast at a local diner. Their purpose in sitting down together was to become acquainted with each other and for John to share about the ministry of GoodSeed and how it might be of assistance to other ministries.

Before John could launch into his presentation, however, the pastor began blitzing him with questions regarding GoodSeed and its approach to teaching. At one point, John was explaining GoodSeed’s use of visual aids and how many ordinary believers have found them effective in helping people connect with the biblical worldview.

John pulled out a visual aid he had with him and placed it on the table between them. “Let’s see how long it’ll take for this to help launch a conversation with someone here in the restaurant.”

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Sometimes it takes many believers

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Airport TerminalThe journey of a person from knowing nothing about the God of the Bible to being able to put one’s trust in him for salvation takes many forms. Sometimes, it’s a straightforward journey; other times, it takes many believers along the way, each providing another piece of the puzzle—explaining a little more about who Jesus Christ is and what he accomplished on the cross for all people.

During a long journey, Jian Hui met Nick and Lisa,* a missionary couple on their way to Southeast Asia. They had a wonderful chat and agreed to keep in touch via email. Nick and Lisa wrote about their lives and Jian Hui described hers.

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How do I share the meaning of Easter?

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What are Christmas and Easter All About?GoodSeed is all about equipping the body of Christ with the tools to be effective ambassadors. We are very glad when believers write to tell us how they’ve been using our resources to share the gospel message. Recently, Abby* wrote us the following email:

“I have taught the amazing The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus study numerous times since Sept 11, 2001. I have purchased multiple books, workbooks and the audio/visual aids. At this time, I have the opportunity to share the Easter message in a corporate office to a large group of financial investors! I would like permission to duplicate portions of your book, primarily Chapter 13, to distribute to these men and women in advance. Prayerfully, this will lead to an invitation to share the entire study with this group at a further date.Thank you for this consideration. I will wait for your most expedient reply.

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Prepare for Easter

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Prepare for Easter

Easter is fast approaching! Once again, believers are taking this natural opportunity to share the true meaning of Easter with family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Churches too are planning Easter events for the community.

What are Christmas and Easter All About? and The Lamb are two GoodSeed resources that work well during Easter. Believers and churches give away copies or put up readings or dramas based on these two books.

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Make the most of every opportunity

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Sometimes we have only a brief moment in time to share the gospel with an individual. Other times, as Peter* discovered, the opportunities for interaction may stretch over years.

Peter met Bill* under difficult circumstances. Peter himself had travelled quite a distance to the regional cancer clinic for a bone marrow transplant. Chemotherapy and radiation would later follow. Bill, on the other hand, was there to be by his wife’s side as she fought her own battle with cancer.

The first time the men met was in the elevator. The hospital served a wide area so it was only the common denominator of cancer that drew these two to the same location. As they made eye contact, Peter felt immediately that they would form a friendship.

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Special sleeves for “The Story that Matters”

Many of us desire to reach out to acquaintances with the gospel, but struggle to know exactly how to do it. Many of GoodSeed’s materials are ideal for people in just such a situation, equipping individuals with tools they can simply give away like a large gospel tract.

One such tool is our most recent booklet entitled The Story that Matters. Small, affordably priced and illustrated with modern, expressive line art, this sixty-four page book is an excellent tool to hand out to those you meet on the street or en masse to large groups.

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