This study brought it all together!

It is always such an encouragement to hear how believers are strengthened in their faith and understanding of the Bible through chronological resources. Janie’s* testimony is an example of this. She was a participant in a recent Worldview Rethink study led by two of our staff and wrote the following email to express her thanks.

It is with great pleasure that I look back to our study, By This Name… Raised in the church, my whole life revolved around Christian activities. I was well taught all the Old Testament stories, believed in the authenticity of the Bible, had accepted Jesus as my Saviour, and knew the presence of God in my life.

There were years when I did not live my faith, and was ashamed of my behavior, but I was never ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Never did I feel abandoned by God, rather that I had abandoned Him, or tried to. We know how He draws us back.

I entered this study with many precious gems of Biblical knowledge knocking around loose in my head. This study brought them together as gems in a single piece, pointing our way to eternity.

Thank you for your time and the effort you put into this study as precept upon precept God’s plan unfolded, enhanced by the use of visual aids and video presentations.

I can truly recommend this study for the new Christian, or the mature one who seeks a clearer understanding of God’s plan for our salvation–Yahweh’s preparations for our understanding prior to the coming sacrifice.

A Saviour, Jesus Christ
Eternal security through unmerited grace:
A gift, free for all:
A relationship, and as such, unbreakable.
A fellowship for us to maintain and grow within.

This clearly presented understanding, and more, is our reward for taking this study.

Thank you all again for making this possible.

Janie also shared how she now feels prepared to perhaps lead the same study with other people, including unbelievers who have no previous Bible knowledge. We hope that she and other participants of Worldview Rethink studies will have opportunity to do just that. There is great joy found in passing on the good news of eternal life and a relationship with God to those who have never heard!

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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