Video: A world gone wrong

People everywhere and in every time have tried to make themselves right with God. They try to deal with their feelings of guilt and shame by hiding it or giving a good outward show. But they are just repeating Adam and Eve’s mistake in the garden. Watch how in By This Name, John Cross explains the aftermath of their choice to sin.

“There was only one problem with the fig leaf solution: it didn’t work. Having a good outward appearance did not remedy the inner reality. The feelings of fear, shame and guilt still churned within.”

By This Name, Page 71

By This Name has a video component consisting of 66 clips in which author John R. Cross teaches key concepts during the chronological journey through the Bible. These short video clips include visual aids (like the Tabernacle, Passover, altar, etc.) to help bring clarity to the story. They also take the viewers to key sites in Israel, Egypt and Jordan to provide historical and geographical context. We present a selection of these video clips. All of them are included with By This Name, either on DVD or accessible online.

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