What were her true intentions?

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Rachelle* seems to always be guiding someone through the gospel message using Par ce nom, the French edition of By This Name. Though she never sets out searching for an individual to teach, the Lord regularly brings people into her life who desire to understand the Bible’s message. Amièle, a young teenager, was one such seeker.

Amièle had a rough start in life. Her home life was defined by upheaval and uncertainty, finally culminating with a move to live with her grandparents. When a friend invited her to attend church, she agreed and began joining the teen class each week. Though she attended for a year and a half, she still understood very little about the Bible. As this became more apparent, her Sunday school teacher asked Amièle if she would like to study a book called Par ce nom. The teachers would be Rachelle and the Sunday school teacher and the participants would be Amièle, the teacher’s daughter and a young man who was not a believer.

Amièle accepted but as the study commenced, Rachelle kept an eye on Amièle, wondering if she came only as an excuse to hang out with the other two teenagers. But Amièle faithfully attended each of the weekly sessions and looked interested in studying the Bible. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the other girl and young man had to drop out of the study after a month. Now Rachelle would be able to see Amièle’s true intentions—would the teenage girl be willing to continue as the only student in the study?

To both teachers’ delight, Amièle wanted to proceed. And they did. Rachelle and her co-teacher worked through the book and they finished the study on Good Friday. At that point, Amièle gave one of the clearest confessions of faith Rachelle had ever heard in all her years of teaching others using Par ce nom. Rachelle pointed out to Amièle how special it was that she should choose to put her trust in Jesus on the very day that believers around the world commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross.

Rachelle said, “Amièle’s whole face lit up. That meant a lot to her.” For both teachers, Amièle’s expression that day was priceless and etched into their memories. Rachelle encouraged Amièle to write the date down in her Bible and Amièle happily agreed.

Since then, Amièle continues to attend church and youth meetings, as well as a Christian youth camp during the summer. She has grown in her faith as she builds upon the firm foundation of understanding she now has. For Rachelle, she is thankful that she was ready to help Amièle and that she made time in her busy schedule for the study. She continues to keep herself ready for when God brings another person into her life who wants to hear the message of the gospel.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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