I never had the courage to read the Bible


Reading FieldnotesMarion* had read little of the Bible during the 20 years she had been away from church. She felt it was too daunting. Recently, however, she started going to church again and even offered to help prepare the meal for a session of a marriage course. To thank her for her effort, one of the leaders, Kat, gave Marion a copy of Fieldnotes, GoodSeed’s annual compilation of testimonies.

Reading through the book, Marion was struck by the stories of those who began with no knowledge of the Bible but, by the end of each account, had come to faith in Jesus Christ.

She found her heart excited at the thought of understanding the Bible better. She returned to Kat and asked her for one of the books referred to in Fieldnotes. Kat gave her a copy of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus and Marion read through it. She couldn’t put it down. She told Kat:

“A seed was planted in me through (Fieldnotes). It led me to another book, The Stranger. And now I have ordered the VideoBook to do Bible study on my own, with the DVDs to guide me. I’m on my journey to learning more about the Bible… The Bible makes more sense now than ever before. The rest and the best is yet to come… I know I’m blessed! Thank you for sharing this book!”

Marion’s delight in her deepened understanding of God and the Bible did not stop there. She did not keep the good news to herself. Because she now had a clear understanding of the gospel, she wanted to share it with those in her life.

Compelled by the good news, Marion has bought copies of GoodSeed resources to share with her friends, both new believers and non-believers. From someone too scared to read the Bible, the Holy Spirit has not only given her understanding, but also the passion to be a lifelong ambassador for Christ.

When we published Fieldnotes, we wanted to share the goodness of God in leading people to faith in him. We also wanted to encourage others, to show them how easy it is to share the gospel by giving someone a book. We didn’t expect that little book to be a little evangelist as well. We’re encouraged by Marion’s testimony and her journey. We pray that the books she’s giving out will have an eternal impact on those who receive them too.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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