These are miracles for us!


Ada and Konrad* told our German staff, “These are miracles that we’ve personally experienced…we can only marvel at them!”

Konrad is the principal of a school in a German city. Though it is a Christian school, he could clearly see that many of the students and their families had little understanding of the Bible. He wondered how he could help them know God better and understand the gospel message.

He recalled how he and his wife, Ada, had gone through a Bible study that used the German edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. That course had helped them both in their faith, and now Ada was regularly leading ladies’ studies with it. Konrad began informing the students’ mothers about Ada’s studies. Were they interested in attending?

They were! Thus it was that Ada began leading a study with a group of mothers on Fridays. While their children attended a Sunday school program, the ladies met to study The Stranger. They did this regularly and, by the end of the book, nearly all of the women put their trust in Jesus and they began to tell others about the study. Praising the Lord for what he had done and encouraged to go on, Ada started a second study, this time including relatives and friends of the original ladies.

Seeing how well her studies were going, Konrad began to offer the fathers the same opportunity. Several of the men signed up and Konrad began leading a men’s study. Among that first group was Konrad’s friend. Konrad was happy to see that by the end of the study, he had come to faith in Jesus for salvation.

Konrad and Ada related that many of those who attended the studies knew very little about the Bible. Many had grown up without having seen one. But through the step-by-step approach of The Stranger, a foundation of understanding was laid that allowed the study participants learn who the God of the Bible is. Konrad and Ada know it isn’t their ability or know-how that made the difference. They simply taught as they had been taught and they only had to marvel at God’s saving work. Their summary of it all: “It is so exciting and they are all so precious!”

Just like Konrad and Ada, there are many ordinary believers around the world who are taking God’s command to be ambassadors seriously. Having gained confidence in the gospel message, they keep their eyes open for opportunities to share the life-giving message of the gospel with the people in their lives. May we draw encouragement from Konrad and Ada and get ready ourselves to share.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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