When I try to read the Bible it is overwhelming

Out on the ocean

As a ministry seeking to equip believers to be lifelong ambassadors for Christ, we work hard to maintain an active and helpful website to answer questions and provide useful information to all who visit online.

There is another part of our website, though, that we see being regularly accessed, geared to those seeking to know more about the Bible itself. For many years, we have had a Learn About the Bible course on our website. This course is based on our VideoBook of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. It is available for free viewing online. Many times, these tools have been accessed by unknown individuals around the world. We rarely hear their stories, so we were thrilled to receive a short message from an individual in Hawaii, sharing a few words that encouraged our hearts.

This is just what I’m looking for as a new believer in Christ. I need to start from ‘square one.’ When I try to read the Bible, it is overwhelming, and to be able to watch a video to get the key points is totally wonderful.”

We are aware that, for every one who gives us a glimpse of how these online resources have helped them, there are many others who have been similarly blessed, whose stories are unknown to us. We thank God that our resources continue to help people around the world build a solid foundation for their faith.