QR codes for “All that the Prophets have Spoken” Interactive Edition

All that the Prophets have Spoken video websiteWhen GoodSeed published its first audiobook, it came on cassettes (remember those?). Now, the soon-to-be-released interactive edition of All that the Prophets have Spoken will come with 98 video clips that can be accessed via QR codes.

While the book is packaged with an accompanying DVD, we recognize that many people have smartphones and tablets. We wanted to marry the effectiveness of video with the convenience of watching on a mobile device. So now, readers will have a choice of watching the video clips on DVD or on their smart devices.

For the Worldview Rethink curriculum, the leader’s guide for All the Prophets will incorporate the same DVD and QR codes. We believe that those who are learning for themselves or those who are guiding a course will benefit from these additional means of using the videos.

To preview the All that the Prophets have Spoken video site, pull out your smart device and scan the QR code below.

QR Code for All that the Prophets have Spoken video website

Or if you’re at your computer, click here.

If you encounter any errors, click on the contact us link at the bottom of the video site or leave us a comment below. Thanks!

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