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Every time we receive a report from a partner ministry, our hearts are encouraged. It is always good to hear how our tools are being used in another part of the globe.

At the beginning of this year, TWR in Sri Lanka, with our permission, took By This Name and created a weekly radio broadcast in Sinhala called, God’s Unique Book. Sinhala is one of the three official languages of Sri Lanka. In just two months of being on air, TWR had received over 50 letters and phone calls from listeners. Here are some quotes that have been translated from Sinhala into English:

I’m a pastor and I had 200 believers gathered to listen to the radio program. One believer said that before he heard the first episode of the program, he didn’t know how to study the Holy Bible. Now, he wants to study the Word of God as was taught in the program.
I became a “Christian” when I married my husband. But I didn’t know much about God. Your program has been very helpful.
I am blind so I can’t read anything. That’s why this radio program was so important to me. I got to learn about the living God.
We listen to the program as a family. This is our first time learning about God through a radio program. We are eager to learn more about the Word of God.
I was touched by the program. I’m not a Christian but the message has impacted my life. I want to listen to the rest of the program and learn about the Almighty God.
I love this program because I can learn things that I didn’t know before.
I am not a religious person but as I listened to the program, I was touched by it.
I am a disabled person who can’t walk. I cried when I listened to the program. It was as if God were speaking to me personally. Please continue to broadcast this program.

We thank the Lord that we have the opportunities to partner with ministries from around the world. Please pray with us that the listeners of this radio broadcast can understand the message and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

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