Radio broadcast in Malawi using GoodSeed Resources


In January we posted a Report from Malawi describing what God has been doing there through the newly translated Chichewa edition of the booklet What are Christmas and Easter All About? Recently, over the Easter weekend, the booklet was broadcast live and listeners were able to call in with questions, comments, and to order the book for themselves. Here’s an excerpt from Rodrick, the Bible teacher who did the broadcast:

…the reading of What are Christmas and Easter All About? on radio was successful. The past three weeks or so have been very busy weeks, preparing and advertising for the new and special programme. And yes, I was on air live with Christmas & Easter, Friday through Sunday, 7:00-7:30pm. It was a great time, with extensive phone calls and text messages, especially after the programme. I am still responding to over 1,700 text messages full of interesting questions… from both believers and critics. Others are asking for a free correspondence course. I am excited we made it!

I was only able to offer 10 copies to the listeners who successfully answered the quiz questions live on the radio broadcast. Counselling via phone is also being done as a result of the three radio programmes.

The challenge at hand is the number of people who are calling or sending short messages asking for a copy of Christmas & Easter… In real figures, I have had over 2,000 different requests. I have 1,800 copies in stock at the moment and so have to work out a way of meeting the said demand. God has been so good to us. I think we should seriously consider printing another consignment as soon as possible.

Greetings and blessings,

Thank God with us for this good progress and pray for the local leaders as they continue to train others to present a clear message using GoodSeed tools.


Photo Credit: “Locally fabricated Radio Station” by Eric Hersman is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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