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I am familiar with The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Can you please explain how the VideoBook, the online self-paced course, and Worldview Rethink are different? Is the online course the same as the VideoBook? Is Worldview Rethink the same thing but designed to be lead by a local leader as opposed to John Cross teaching via video? Or am I all confused? :-)

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus is our book written for those who have a Christianized background. These are people who know a little about the Bible but are not necessarily believers. Their basic concept of “God” is derived from what is presented in Scripture.

The Stranger comes in both a standard book form and an interactive edition. The interactive edition includes a DVD that provides four hours’ worth of video clips that the reader may watch at various points throughout the book. These clips help explain and illustrate the content of the book. These video segments are extracted from The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus VideoBook.

The content of the VideoBook is exactly the same as the book but done in a video format. Altogether, the VideoBook runs for 11 hours. We created the VideoBook as an option for those who prefer to learn by watching rather than reading.

The online “Learn about the Bible” course is the VideoBook put online. As a ministry, our aim is to give everyone the chance to investigate the message of the Bible for themselves. For that reason, we made the VideoBook available online. Some believers share the gospel by viewing the Videobook with others. Other believers find that it is a helpful reference when leading someone through a course. By the way, the DVDs also provide a Spanish audio track that serves an additional audience.

Worldview Rethink is our curriculum for guiding a small group through the core message of the Bible. It was designed so that any believer can use it to guide a friend through an explanation of the gospel message. It uses The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. The curriculum box provides a leader’s guide (this includes the complete text of The Stranger plus teaching notes), the interactive DVD, a copy of the The StrangerInteractive for your student, two workbooks (one of the leader, one for the student) and a set of training DVDs. In addition, there are three kits of visual aids that can be used to enhance the teaching of the curriculum.

In the near future, we will be releasing Worldview Rethink Curriculum Boxes for By This Name and All that the Prophets have Spoken as well. These are meant for people with an Eastern worldview and an Islamic worldview, respectively.

We have created all these variants to meet a number of needs. Both the book and VideoBook may be given away to someone who wants to learn the message of the Bible for himself. The Worldview Rethink curriculum was designed to help a believer guide family or friends through the same message.

You can learn more about which tools are appropriate to just give away by looking at our Tool Selector.

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