What do you do when a Christian doesn’t act like one?

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When, on one hand, people claim to believe in Christ, while on the other hand, they don’t act like it, is there anything that can be done? What is clear in scripture is that God doesn’t want us as believers to simply stand on the sidelines and look on.

Recently, GoodSeed celebrated the launch of our newest book, In-ká-hai: How Sweet It Is! with a small gathering. During this time, author Chantal Chen shared highlights from the book, explaining how the missionaries tackled the above scenario among the Manjúi people, giving us biblical insight on what we can do in similar situations. The missionaries tackled the root problem: understanding. There is so much to learn from what the missionaries did to ensure that the Manjúi had a clear understanding of the gospel and these insights have been distilled into the six study sessions included in the book.

Chantal Chen reading In-ká-hai

Chantal also shared how the missionaries’ lives had a profound impact on her. She said, “One of the things that struck me when I wrote this book was the faith and perseverance of the missionaries. In spite of all sorts of hardships and health problems, they stuck with the work of bringing the gospel to the Manjúi. It really moved me and helped me in my faith.”

When asked if she’d received any feedback, she shared, “My sister in Hong Kong had never understood why it took so long to share the gospel with someone. I had talked to her about it but she didn’t get why it could take years. But when she read the book, her eyes were opened. She said, ‘Now I understand.’ I was very pleased the book helped her to see that. The Bible teachers to the Manjúi really worked hard at getting the foundations right: teaching about a holy God; that men are helpless sinners; that Jesus is a sufficient substitute; and that salvation requires a personal faith. They did not rush through the gospel message.”

Looking at the Manjúi artifacts

The story of the Manjúi provides many lessons we can learn about being ambassadors. How do we present ourselves to our friends? Are we credible messengers? When we share, how do we know that our message is being understood?

These questions are addressed in the study guide. They help believers think about how they can be faithful ambassadors and clear communicators. The engaging story and the insightful lessons work well for a small group study, self-study or as a training curriculum for a missions team.

You can get copies of the book (both paperback and ebook versions) from our US or Canada store:


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